Monday, October 9, 2017

Ty's Heart (California Cowboys) by Selena Laurence


Ty's Heart: California Cowboys 3 - Selena Laurence


Those California Cowboys are far from perfect, sexy as can be and heartbreakers in every sense of the word.  This time around Selena Laurence sets to massaging the heart strings as she tempts the senses with Jodi and Ty.  Mistakes were made, hearts were broken and bonds were tested as young love turned into mature responsibilities.  At the center of it all is a beautiful little girl longing for a mommy, but head over heels for her daddy.  Will these lovers of the past be able to forgive and become a family in the future?  Ty's Heart sets course for new beginnings and happy endings as a journey of healing takes shape.  An emotional one that is as realistic as it is rewarding.

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