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Relentless (Renegades, #4) by Skye Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Skye Jordan is a master at stimulating sensual entertainment.  With the Renegade series she gives you passionate stories with great emotional depth. Relentless is no exception.  Troy and Giselle journey through first love, lost love and reunited love. Their story is told with an intriguing mixture of sensitivity, grace and fire. These are the emotions that anyone who loved and lost would feel.  What I like most about Ms. Jordan’s stories is that she captivates her audience from beginning to end.  She does this by immersing the reader in not just the sensual aspect of the story but her descriptions of the emotions that each character is dealing with allows the reader the ability to experience empathy.  This allows a better understanding of the story and helps the reader to be drawn in.  I received an ARC of Relentless for an honest review.  I LOVED IT. (





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