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 Almost Everything (Book 3)


Almost Everything by Christie Ridgway is releasing on DECEMBER 12th!

Will Vance be willing to risk everything?



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Layla Parker travels to Crescent Cove to meet the soldier who tried to save her father in battle. Her dad’s final request was for her to enjoy a month of sun, sand, and fun along with the handsome combat medic, Vance Smith. Despite her sadness, she’s determined to follow through.

Vance is flummoxed when he meets the full-grown daughter of his fallen officer. He’d expected a little girl. But a promise is a promise, and it gets harder by the day to resist the charms of the beautiful woman who threatens the safety of his scarred heart. But he’s honor-bound not to touch her…right? Except there’s the beautiful beach and the beautiful woman and the promise of a beautiful future…all a man could want if only he chose to risk everything.

**This is a previously published STANDALONE romance.



Almost Everything (Book 3)Almost Everything by Christie Ridgway

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Life is an ever changing cycle of love, loss and new beginnings. The key to surviving the evolution of it all, is to make every second count. I consider Almost Everything, my lost in the moment tale. Vance and Layla are an entrancing duo, not easy to let go of. With a little help from above, two wanderers find a home in each others arms. Ms. Ridgway has a profoundness to her storytelling that stimulates the mind almost as easily as it touches the heart. She speaks to that voice inside of the soul, searching for hope in times that may seen hopeless. 

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