Sunday, July 1, 2018

Set the Night on Fire (Cottonbloom, #6) by Laura Trentham


Set the Night on Fire - Laura Trentham


Many have questioned her life choices. Even she has to admit to losing her way. After numerous disappointments and regrets Ella has come to a fork in the road that points her in a most unlikely direction. Set The Night on Fire, although set in a fictional town, gives some realistic advice. After veering off course Ella is searching out her dreams. Rediscovering who she is as a new business owner and a woman. Along the way she finds the courage to fight for what she wants. Even if that means risking her heart. Cottonbloom is the place to go to find the life and love that fate had waiting all along. Trentham never misses the mark when she takes aim at the heart.

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