Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Protecting the Enemy (The Protectors) by Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams


Protecting the Enemy (The Protectors Book 2) - Samantha Chase, Noelle Adams


The one that got away has become the woman he can't live without.  Sebastian and Ali have history. Complicated, heartbreaking, bitter history.  Ali is determined not to repeat it.  Seb is determined to make it right.  Now he's caught up in a web of secrets, that is spiraling out of control and at the center lies his greatest regret.  Ali is a fighter. Disappointments and betrayals have made her the woman she is.  Independent, fearless and untrusting.  When a past she'd rather forget invades her present, her world will never be the same.  Protecting the Enemy is a story of redemption that thrives on an abundance of twists along the way. Drama and danger collide when the past meets the present.  A hint of danger packs a ton of heat.


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