Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Contract (The Contract Series) by Melanie Moreland


The Contract - Melanie Moreland


Thank you Melanie Moreland for appealing to the poet in my soul. Using beautiful words and emotional moments, The Contract reminds us to appreciate life's greatest moments and make them count. What stood out most for me was this piece of dialogue: " When you get older ... you realize life is made up of moments. All sorts of them. Sad ones, good ones, and great ones. They make up the tapestry that is your life. Hold on to all of them—especially the great ones. They make the others easy to take." That piece of wisdom gave me goosebumps that have yet to disappear. Richard, Katy and Penny are haunting characters in the most breathtaking of stories. My one regret is that I am just discovering this immensely talented author. Melanie Moreland made this moment count. What an impact it made.

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