Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Audiobook Review: The Jameson Brothers by: Leslie North (Author), Marcio Catalano (Narrator), Marnye Young (Narrator), Veronica Pace (Narrator), Lacie Glennox (Narrator)


The Jameson Brothers - Leslie North



When love gets complicated, count on Leslie North to even out the odds.  One distinct voice comes alive in the form of alpha males, sassy heroines and sultry narration. The Jameson Brothers in audio is a one hot ride.

The Billionaire's Ex - Wife  -

Will this surprise meeting lead to a new beginning? The Billionaire's Ex - Wife brings on the spice and sprinkles in the heart. Life is a journey of mistakes, pain and letting go, but there's always room for a second chance.

The Billionaire’s Pregnant Fling -

When Eddie decided to grow up, I'm pretty sure he didn't have fatherhood on the brain. Funny how life has a way of surprising us with what we never knew we needed at just the right time. Eddie wants to be a better man. Working to clean up his act and prove himself to his family, fatherhood couldn't have come at a worst time. Margot is the girl he never saw coming, but could hardly live without. Friends to lovers to parents is a bumpy ride, but it ends up being the best decision they ever made. Ms. North keeps her trademark sex appeal, but adds humor and heart in this sweet bundle of surprises.

The Billionaire's Sexy Rival -

Irony and romance take the wheel in the Billionaire's Sexy Rival. William, hands down is my favorite Jameson brother. Rough around the edges with a chocolate covered center at the heart of this alpha male. Always in control, William meets his match in eccentric Poppy. She pushes his buttons and challenges his heart with her flower child personality and business smarts. Will the beast change his ways for this beautiful surprise? Ms. North's eclectic style and emotion packed stories continue to delight and impress this reader.

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