Saturday, October 27, 2018

Heart Stealer: Alpha Romance (Heartthrob Series Book 6) by Sophia Knightly


Heart Stealer: Alpha Romance  - Sophia Knightly



Ivy and Stone prove that first impressions can be deceiving. Knightly still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Heart Stealer takes an ironic look at the childhood fantasy of love and turns into a modern day realistic one. Forget the white knight and the charming prince and take a look at the brooding hero and his pessimistic heroine. Ivy sells the dream, yet has lost the power to believe in her's ever coming true. Stone wants acceptance, but is afraid to risk open himself up to a world of heart. An almost tragedy brings the bridal shop owner and the reclusive inventor out of their self imposed shells and forces them to face what's in their hearts. This may sound a tad cliche but Heart Stealer is a reminder that a fairytale doesn't have to be something we read in a book, but the emotion we feel within our hearts.

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