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Release Date:  June 6, 2017






Sarah Madison loved working at Tate & Cane Enterprises.


While she looked and, for the most part, acted conservatively—she was a gladiator in the boardroom. The fast-paced, energetic work environment not only fed her need for corporate blood but also allowed her to work for one of her role models, Olivia Cane—living proof a woman really can have it all.


And after months of paying her dues, she was finally offered the promotion she’d been vying for. Which was great, except for the fact she had to share the position with a new guy they brought in especially for the role.


Kyle Drake was smart, experienced, and probably just as good, if not better, in negotiations. And if she wasn’t careful, prove he could do the job without her. Add in good-looking and an incredibly sexy smooth talker, and everyone in the office either wanted to be him or sleep with him. Which Sarah could have totally ignored if he hadn’t been the stranger she’d married in Vegas during a fake ceremony six months earlier.

He was supposed to be her one-night stand, a stand-in for a ceremony that wasn’t even legally binding. They were never even going to see each other again. Hell, she apparently hadn’t even known his real last name at the time. It was the only time she’d ever done something completely reckless and spontaneous.


It figured that one time would come back and bite her where it hurt. ​





“Have you seen him?” Maggie from accounting leaned in, her hand discreetly hiding her shy smile. “He’s gorgeous.”

“I was downstairs when he walked in,” Kennedy announced proudly. “He shook my hand and everything. He has really, really big hands.” She laughed as Maggie joined her.

“You know what they say about the size of a man’s hands.” Crystal, from IT had slid in beside us, the audience growing with each passing minute.

Kennedy laughed as her brows rose. “He must have a really big—”

“Shit.” It flew out of my mouth as the door opened and revealed the mystery man, the one we’d all been dying to see.

He was gorgeous. Tall, wearing a suit so impeccably cut it showcased an amazing body underneath. His beautiful green eyes caught mine, those dark lashes widening as they took in the view. Or maybe it was because I not so discreetly swore. But deep down I knew that he recognized me.

It was him.

There standing in the open doorway, next to Noah was the man I had married in Vegas.


My stand-in husband.

I blinked, convinced that maybe it was just a guy who looked remarkably like him, but wasn’t him.

“Sarah.” He smiled, the same perfect smile he’d worn when he’d met me in the bar. “How lovely to see you again.”

He didn’t seem fazed—cool, calm and collected, exactly how I remembered him only even more blindingly handsome than the memory. Me, I wasn’t so calm and if not for the stellar job by my skeletal system, I probably would have been a puddle on the floor.

“You know each other?” Noah looked between us, probably surprised the man he had just had a meeting with was on a first-name basis with a member of his staff.

“Yes, we do,” Kyle answered before I had a chance to say we didn’t. “Although it’s been a while since I’ve seen my wife.”​

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