Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In The Heir (Westerly Billionaire #1) by Ruth Cardello


In the Heir (Westerly Billionaire Series Book 1) - Ruth Cardello



There are three lessons that my Grandmother taught me. A person is never to old to stop learning. It's not enough to crave or receive love, you must give love in return And lead by example. She was a wise woman, who was not afraid to practice what she preached. Until the day she died, she led by example in all she did. Including owning up to her mistakes. I still miss her, but carry all she taught me within my heart. The Westerly clan could have used some of her wisdom.

With In the Heir, Ms. Cardello lays the groundwork for rebuilding a broken family.
The Westerlys are far from perfect. Anger and pride has set to destroying a prominent dynasty. Can forgiveness, restore the foundation before it topples completely? In The Heir is a story of romance, friendships and family, that is written and rooted in the most powerful emotion in the world. LOVE.

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