Thursday, October 26, 2017

Can't Miss Christmas (Mirror Lake) by Miranda Liasson


CAN'T MISS CHRISTMAS: A NOVELLA (Mirror Lake) - Miranda Liasson


For such a short story, Can't Miss Christmas leaves a lasting impression. Mirror Lake is the place where hearts go to heal and miracles happen. It is a place where hope thrives and faith has no boundaries.  A place where love is the cornerstone of the community and it's every changing residents.  It is also the setting of a new beginning for two former spouses. Young love brought them together, tragedy ripped them apart.  It will take a sprig of mistletoe, a snow storm and a chance encounter to reunite what grief splintered in two.  Ms. Liasson is masterful in appealing to the inner workings of the heart.  She captivates the soul with her emotional stories and her fascinating characters.

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