Thursday, October 26, 2017

Love In Dublin (The McKinnon Brothers) by Jennifer Gracen

Love in Dublin (The McKinnon Brothers Book 4) - Jennifer  Gracen

Ms. Gracen picked one of the most eerily beautiful places in the world for the setting of a haunting tale of love, loss and new beginnings. No backdrop could have been more perfect. Standing amid the ghosts of heartbreaks past and hopes restored, Colin and Maggie set about rebuilding their lives. Maggie is a drifter. Haunted by loss, her way of coping is to roam. Her adventurous spirit, has never steered her wrong, until she discovers the beauty of Ireland and ends up losing more than she bargained for. Colin gave up on his dreams in order to face his future, will fate bring his world full circle and give him the adventure, he never thought he'd have? The characters are more mature, but the issues are no less realistic and the romance borders on ecstasy.
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