Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Billionaire's Secrets (The Sinclairs) by J.S. Scott


The Billionaire's Secrets (The Sinclairs) - J. S. Scott


The Sinclairs are a revelation.  Dogged by tragic mysteries and heartbreaking events within their world of money and power, they remain strong and united in love and faith.  Family till the end.  J.S. Scott can tempt a saint with her fiery stories of courage and intrigue. All heart and sexy as ever, The Billionaire's Secrets is the story of Xander and Samantha. Xander is a  walking tragedy.  Memories of his parents murder and an excessive lifestyle have led him on a downward spiral. Addiction took hold and claimed his soul, can a mysterious employee save him from the darkness?  Samantha is one of the great enigmas of storytelling.  There are so many layers to this woman of mystery. She's hard to figure out, but a puzzle you just can't resist solving.


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