Friday, October 5, 2018

Audiobook Review: Royal Love (Last Royals) by Cristiane Serruya (Author), Lacy Laurel (Narrator), Logan McAllister (Narrator)


Royal Love - Cristiane Serruya, Logan McAllister, Lacey Laurel



Royal Love goes beyond the fairy tale of power and privilege. Serruya highlights the dark side of the royal fantasy. Behind the glitz and glamour are the flaws and dangers we don't always see. Angus may be Prince Charming, but his world proves to be anything but. Siobhan is out of her element when it comes to the false smiles, the bitter stares and the hidden agendas that put her at risk. He's royalty, she's an orphan. When their worlds collide is when the real fireworks begin. With lively narration and heart-stopping danger.

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