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Wicked Temptation (The Excalibur Duet), an all-new Paranormal retelling of Guinevere and Lancelot by Kim Loraine is releasing October 25th!


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I spent my life in service to my king, loyal to my queen, and loved by them both. Until she ruined me.

Guinevere made her choice and it wasn't me. So I sought out a way to fight the pain of losing her…of losing them both. Eternally languishing in purgatory was not what I had in mind.

But now, hundreds of years later, I've been returned to life for a reason. The end times are here, and I'm the one chosen to help stop the apocalypse. I only wish the woman I'm bound to wasn't the very one I'd tried to forget.

My Gwen had a secret she never shared in our past life together. She's a witch, cursed to live forever, and she's never forgiven me for what happened between us.

I am Lancelot du Lac. I was her champion once, I will be again, and this time, I won't so willingly share.

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