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Three New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

One wild project.



by a Trillionaire is an escapism fantasy that was born at a party at

RWA. Over cocktails, J.S. Scott, Melody Anne, and Ruth Cardello laughed

as they plotted this book with the help of two industry friends, Chris

and Brian.


If you are looking for a historically

accurate representation of a monarchy or a serious depiction of how

royals maintain their bloodlines, this may not be the book for you. If

you love larger than life characters and fun storylines that take you to

exotic places with sexy alpha men, then welcome to our imaginary

kingdom: Rubare Collina. The men are insanely rich, the traditions are

potentially deadly, and the sex will leave you craving a night on this

dark isle.


If you’ve ever fantasized about what it

would be like to be swept off your feet—or tossed over a prince’s

shoulder and taken—then you’ll enjoy our trilogy.


Novella One: Xander by Ruth Cardello 



Prince Xander Demande needs to choose a wife before his thirtieth

birthday, or he will lose his crown. His list of potential candidates is

long but shortens to one woman after a brief encounter with the

socially inept, but beautiful and brilliant, Dr. Reanna Fielding. She

never thought Prince Charming would come for her. He never thought any

woman would melt his heart. Love makes its own rules, but will it save

her when she defies not only him but the laws of his kingdom? In Rubare

Collina, a marriage proposal can be a dream come true—or a death




Novella Two: Bryan by J.S. Scott 



married . . . or die. Prince Bryan Demande was left with only two

unpalatable choices. When he decides to take his chances rather than

marry, his father and the busybody royal adviser take matters into their

own hands.


Like it or not, Bryan is delivered a

kidnapped bride, and it isn't a woman who's a total stranger. She's an

American female who has haunted his dreams for the last five years, the

only woman who has ever wanted him without his trillions of dollars or

his royal title. Suddenly, marriage doesn't look like such a bad option

to Bryan, but he'll have to convince his angry, kidnapped, bride-to-be

that she belongs with him.






Novella Three: Chris by Melody Anne



Demande wants nothing to do with marriage and is willing to renounce

his title to the throne to prove it. That is until he meets independent

Adara Burnadette and decides he must have her. Unfortunately, Adara is

opposed to marriages of convenience. So what does a young prince do when

his chosen bride refuses his proposal? He kidnaps her of course.









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