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Ellie Shaw has a new job, a new home and a new lease on life – compliments of her cheating ex. Refusing to look back, she’s ready to put her time and focus on helping couples celebrate their happily ever after’s with a new position with Barefoot Brides. Just because she didn’t get her happy ending, doesn’t mean she’s given up on love. Unfortunately, one of the first couple’s she’s up to work with is her ex and the woman he cheated on her with!

Max Santos knows every inch of the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa property like the back of his hand – basically because he’s the one responsible for it all. He loves his job. Loves his life on Mimosa Key but…he’s in a rut. Work has become his life and he’s almost desperate for something to come along and shake up his world a little bit. And when Ellie shows up in one of his equipment sheds cursing like a sailor while she’s clearly hiding out, his curiosity is instantly piqued. Soon, he’s helping her in the craziest – and sexiest - game of hide and seek all over Casa Blanca!

Ellie knows she’ll never be able to truly move forward until she confronts her ex, but doing that means she won’t have any excuses to keep ‘running’ into Max. She thinks it’s too soon to start thinking about a future with him, but Max keeps proving time and time again that he’ll be there for her. And while Ellie’s been hiding from her past, Max has been anxiously seeking their future – their forever.

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 Seeking ForeverSeeking Forever by Samantha Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Like a fairweather friend life can be fickle. The sour moments seem more constant than the sweet. But fear not, the not so happy situations are preparations for the most precious ones. With Seeking Forever, Ms. Chase takes a broken heart mixes in an uncomfortable situation and concocts an irresistible romance. With it's beautiful weather, picturesque surroundings and friendly locals Mimosa Key seems like a great place to start over for Ellie. When the job of her dreams leads her to the situation of her nightmares, she starts to rethink that choice. Crossing paths with an old acquaintance has her exploring new possibilities and may prove to be just the medicine to heal her wounded heart. Two of my favorite authors Roxanne St. Claire and Samantha Chase teamed up. Ms. St. Claire brought the exotic location and Ms. Chase delivered on the feel good motivation.

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“Aha!” she murmured, spotting a supply closet. She knew she could just slip in there and check her email on her phone or text her mom to kill some time. With a quick peek over her shoulder, she slipped into the closet and shut the door.
It was dark in there and she was started to feel around for a light switch when the door flew open. She gasped and was just about to scream when…
“Ellie, shh…it’s me.”
“Oh,” she whispered and took a step back as he came inside. “I was trying to find the…” The light went on and just the sight of him took her breath away. “Oh.”
He was smiling at her but he also looked a little…nervous. Shy, almost. “I take it you’re hiding because that was your ex I saw heading down toward your office?”
“Yup. As usual, Harry has no consideration for anyone’s time. They didn’t even call first. They just showed up. Arielle told them we were getting ready for an event and they swore they just needed a few minutes of her time.”
“Exactly.” Unable to help herself, Ellie drank in the sight of him. He may have been a bit sweaty and his clothes were dusty from a day working on planting and keeping the grounds manicured but he looked…yummy.
She hadn’t been able to wipe the thought of their kiss from her mind and as much as she had wanted to seek him out, she was utterly embarrassed by how…enthusiastic she had been with the whole thing. Poor Max was only trying to be nice and help her out in an awkward situation and she had practically mauled him.
And right now, she wanted to again.
She felt a little nervous, a little excited and somehow they moved around each other – as if their steps were choreographed – and when Ellie’s back was against the door, Max moved in close. Her heart rate picked up as she slowly lifted her gaze to his.
Max cleared his throat. “I saw you walking across the lobby and turn down this hall. Then I thought I saw your ex. I wanted to make sure you were okay.” His voice was low and a little gruff and damn if that wasn’t a turn-on too.
So he was just being a good guy again.
Looking down at her shoes, she did her best not to let her disappointment show. A small part of her had been hoping he’d followed her in here because he wanted to see her again, kiss her again.
Clearly, she was wrong.
Then he reached out and cupped her chin in his hand. God…his hand was so big and the skin was so rough and…she was a complete mess.
“Ellie?” he said softly. “Look at me.”
She knew if she did he’d be able to see – he’d be able to tell she wasn’t looking at this as just a casual, friendly thing. All her life people had told her that her eyes always gave her away.
Max repeated her name.
And it looked like they were going to do it again.
Tilting her head back slightly, she looked at him. And was surprised to see the same heat and desire she knew she was feeling. His name was barely a whisper on her lips when he ducked his head and kissed her.
There was no time to think about asking him why, she was too anxious for the feel of him, the taste of him. Ellie’s arms immediately looped around his neck just as his banded around her waist. With the door at her back and Max at her front, she was exactly where she wanted to be.
Well…maybe not exactly, but it was pretty damn good.


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