Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kissed at Christmas Boxed Set: Tropical Heat 3 - 4 by Sophia Knightly

Kissed at Christmas Boxed Set: Tropical Heat Books 3 and 4 - Sophia Knightly

Kissed at Christmas Boxed Set: Tropical Heat 3 -4  by Sophia Knightly

Reviewed for Candid Book Reviews

I discovered Sophia Knightly surprisingly through a free e-book. Knew right away I had to read the next book in the series, so I purchased it. The irony of it is that the first book I ever read by her was from the Tropical Heat series. The sense of adventure, the steamy love story and the mystery of Wild For You lead me to the next book in the series Sold on You. I loved that book so much I purchased it for all of my e-readers. Kissed by You took Christmas and built a story of tragedy, disappointment, love and healing around it. Made the element of romance all the more irresistibly sweet. Working through painful memories and heartbreaking events at anytime is never easy but Ms. Knightly uses a holiday synonymous with forgiveness, miracles and healing makes for a poignant backdrop. Kissed by You is a powerful read that is a welcome edition to any romantic library.
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