Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Up For Heir (Westerly Billonaires) by Ruth Cardello

Up In The Heir - Ruth Cardello

Life is the ultimate classroom.  On a daily basis, no matter the age, gender or race we learn truths about ourselves and the world around us.  Two of the most prolific lessons I've learned: (1.)  Learning is an ongoing fixture in life and (2.)  People can surprise in the most unexpected of ways.

Up For Heir is an uplifting tale of lost love, broken dreams and one very special little girl.  Ms. Cardello created a meeting of hearts that was not only a romance, but a pathway to healing.  The connection between Hailey and her brother was an unbreakable one.  Not even death could sever the bond they shared.  His words of encouragement were an ever present feature in the life of a woman determined to keep his memory in her heart.  Another precious bond was the one forged between a scared little girl and a blustery old woman.  The way Skye and the matriarch of the Westerly family took to each other was an emotional experience.  Ruth Cardello set out to write a romance, but she created a love story that affected many lives and helped to rebuild a family.  
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