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Release Date:  December 12, 2016





The last thing Brett Ross wants is to be back in the same old damn small town he grew up in, but his best friend is getting married, so there’s no way he’s skipping yet another visit back home. He knows what he’s getting into, coming back here, but the one thing he didn’t count on was the way Anna Hamilton made him feel the first time he sets eyes on her…and she’s all grown up. 


Anna’s always been in love with Brett, even if she’s always been his best friend’s annoying little sister to him. But when he looks at her, she doesn’t see annoyance in his eyes anymore. If anything, she sees a silent calling for her to save him from himself…and she’s just the girl to do it. All she needs is to find a way to escape her pesky, protective older brothers…  


And then the game is on.






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The CEO's Seduction (Hamilton Family, #1)The CEO's Seduction by Diane Alberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC Review: The CEO'S Seduction (Hamilton Family) by Diane Alberts

Eric, Wyatt, Cole and Chris were idiots. Their protectiveness of Anna started off adorable but quickly morphed into obsessive. Many times I wanted to yell "Get a life of your own." The CEO'S Seduction is part bro - romance, part romance and severely emotional. Anna was a strong woman who followed her heart despite the obstacles. Brett proved a frustrating conundrum. He drove me bonkers with the back and forth, yet he captured my heart with all the drama he'd endured. I literally ached for the lonely boy with the broken spirit and the man with the closed off heart. Diane Alberts turned emotional into excellent. Am looking forward to more from the crazy Hamilton brood.

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The Millionaire's Revenge 





Release Date:  December 12, 2016





Real estate tycoon Luke McCall has a plan to take down the underhanded competitor messing with his livelihood. He intends to romance the man’s daughter, gain her trust, and get the information he needs to put his rival out of business once and for all. He just didn’t plan for the way she makes him feel.

Grace Wilson is tired of men using her smarts, social position, or her father’s status for their personal gain. It’s time for a new philosophy: Test. Screw. Dump. But after she meets Luke, she’s not sure she’ll be able to walk away. Not only is he sexy and charming, but he survives every test she puts him through. But can she trust a guy who seems too good to be true?





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The Millionaire's RevengeThe Millionaire's Revenge by Wendy Byrne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First impressions are everything and with Luke and Grace, Ms. Byrne left a lasting one. With equal parts frustration and sensation, this couple made hot and cold work. What I liked most about The Millionaire's Revenge is that the characters kept me on my toes and as a reader that is a great compliment because bored would have been a draw back. The fact that the author allowed me as a reader to come to my own conclusion in this chess game of love proved a plus as well. This is my second read by Wendy Byrne and I am liking what I've seen so far.

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Love Me at Midnight

LOVE ME AT MIDNIGHT ANTHOLOGY by Linda Morris, Robin Bielman,  C M Stone



Release Date:  December 12, 2016






Special needs teacher Kayla Johnston is supposed to be schmoozing at a swanky school fundraiser. Instead, she careens into a snowbank on the side of the road...straight into the path of a wickedly handsome stranger. When their chemistry ignites, Kayla's New Year's Eve begins to show some seriously sexy promise...

YOURS AT MIDNIGHT by Robin Bielman
Four years ago, Quinn Sobel gave Lyric Whetsone the night of her life...then disappeared. Now he's back to make amends, but Lyric has a secret that could drive Quinn from her life forever.

Eliza knows plenty about sexy cowboy Christian Yerrick, the man who crushed her heart when they were kids. Back in town, she's determined to avoid Chris altogether...until she accidentally rear-ends his truck on New Years Eve, and the fireworks between them burn hotter than the Vegas Strip... 





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REVIEW: LOVE ME AT MIDNIGHT ANTHOLOGY by Linda Morris, Robin Bielman,  C M Stone


Love Me at MidnightLove Me at Midnight by Linda Morris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC Review: Love Me at Midnight Anthology

Love Me at Midnight has sparkle written all over it. Not only was it nice to check in with an old friend but I got the chance to make some new ones as well. Yours at Midnight is about learning what forgiveness means, while One Night in Vegas revisits old love with all the drama and heartache that second chances can bring. With a whole lot of heart and a smidgen of heat, this radiant anthology delivers a treat.

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Release Date:  December 12, 2016





To save her, he must ruin her.

Lord Sebastian St. John, dedicated bachelor and a co-owner of Fallen, the most scandalous pleasure club in London, is known as Sin for good reason. Orphaned by a shocking accident, Sin long ago vowed a life of solitude and
decadence. Yet when Lady Grace Carrington begs for his help destroying her reputation, Sin can't turn the ton's most proper lady away.

Obedient daughter, wife, and young widow, Grace has had enough of being controlled. After her father arranges a second loveless marriage to an eminently respectable ancient, Grace plans a fortnight of defiance and self-ruination to stop the wedding. But as Grace enters the heady, risky world of an affair with Sin, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him— and she soon realizes two weeks won't be nearly enough.





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Surrender to Sin (Fallen, #1)Surrender to Sin by Nicola Davidson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Davidson has intrigued me with this sensuous journey into decadent defiance. Surrender to Sin is the story of broken people who find salvation in a torrid affair. A short trek to a steaming pot of gold. My one complaint was that it ended all too soon.

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LUCKY 7: HOT HEROES ANTHOLOGY by  Caridad Piñeiro, Sophia Knightly, Tawny Weber, Nina Bruhns, Susan Hatler, Virna DePaul, Kristin Miller



Release Date December 13, 2016





Seven New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors bring you seven contemporary romance novellas, starring seven hot heroes who will make you melt. Whether you love a second chance romance, an office playboy, or a former-fling staying in the cabin next door, this boxed set has a fall-in-love romance for you.


ONE LAST NIGHT by Caridad Pineiro, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. An act of compassion leads to unexpected pleasure . . . Thrown together, Marine Lieutenant Trevor Mason and Maggie Sullivan can’t ignore the sexual heat between them. As they satisfy one set of needs, another slowly develops as passion breathes life into other emotions. Will Trevor and Maggie’s one last night together possibly lead to many other nights in the future?


HEART TAMER by Sophia Knightly, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Kate is the last person her ex-husband Alec expects—or wants—to see again. But this time, can he resist? In this fiery battle of love, whose heart will be tamed?


A SEAL’S PROPOSAL by Tawny Weber, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Being the best means making sacrifices, but do vows made at 16 hold true at 24? As a teenager, Sam Morelli joined the elite club focused on a single goal: to become Navy SEALs. Membership required a vow that once he became a SEAL, the team would be his only commitment. Eight years later, on the cusp of achieving his goal, Sam has forgotten that vow. But his girlfriend hasn’t.


DANGEROUS CURVES by Nina Bruhns, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. He’s driving...but her curves are deadlier than the two guys trying to kill them... A spec ops transporter takes on drones, bad guys and car chases—and falls for a beautiful scientist with curves more dangerous than the road!


TRUTH OR DATE by Susan Hatler, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Gina Hall is done with men who won’t commit. When her friend Kristen starts a game of Truth or Dare, she dares Gina to go on a date with Ethan, who’s total marriage material. As Gina plans the going away party for office playboy, Chris Bradley, she spontaneously initiates a game of Truth or Dare with him. He dares Gina to pose as his girlfriend to help get a flirty colleague off his back. Even though Gina and Chris are pretending, their relationship feels way too real and she’s worried about making the same dating mistakes all over again.


BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME by Virna DePaul, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Readers have fallen in love with the Irish O’Neill brothers…now it’s time for Sean O’Neill’s story, and he’s determined to convince Juliana Madison, his college English professor, that he’s not just a younger man—he’s definitely the man for her.


THE BAD BOY MEETS HIS MATCH by Kristin Miller, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. When lingerie-store owner Cora Brennan plans a getaway at a quaint mountain retreat, she never expects her cabin neighbor to be the playboy she spent a memorable night with in college. Desire blazes into something deeper this time, but she’s still healing from a bad breakup and he's already set-up a first date with someone else. Can they finally admit their true feelings for each other before love is lost to them again?





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REVIEWLUCKY 7: HOT HEROES ANTHOLOGY by  Caridad Piñeiro, Sophia Knightly, Tawny Weber, Nina Bruhns, Susan Hatler, Virna DePaul, Kristin Miller


Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Contemporary Romance Boxed SetLucky 7 Hot Heroes Contemporary Romance Boxed Set by Caridad Piñeiro

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC Review: Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Anthology

Lucky 7: Hot Heroes is a great blend of spice, action, laughter and tears that entertains and provides a bit of hidden wisdom on the side. A little wicked behavior, leads to a whole lot of fun in Susan Hatler's Truth or Date. Tawny Weber lends an edgier voice to second chances and broken vows. Sophia Knightly and Virna DePaul supply proof that sometimes love can conquer all. Kristin Miller appeals to the heart with her humour, surprises and heat. Authors, romance and Danger are irresistible mix. With this anthology I scored a major hit.

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IT STARTED WITH A KISS ANTHOLOGY  Christina McKnight, Elizabeth Essex, Erica Monroe, Rose Gordon, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Emma Locke, Amanda Mariel, Deb Marlowe ,Christina McKnight, Ava Stone,  Jane Charles



Release Date December 13, 2016






IT STARTED WITH A KISS... Twelve First In Series From Stars of Regency Historical Romance!  Enjoy dashing dukes, reformed rakes, and scandalous bluestockings in this sweet to sexy boxed set.


MAD FOR LOVE by Elizabeth Essex

Mignon du Blois needs an accomplished thief to steal back her father's statue so he won't be arrested for forgery--too bad the man willing to help her is actually Rory Cathcart, noted art expert.



After living separate lives since their rushed wedding, an earl and countess stumble upon each other and begin to see the other in a whole new light.



An independent bluestocking sneaks into a library to read rare Greek texts and ends up with a husband instead.



The overly scientific, always respectable, and socially awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife.


THE ROBBER BRIDE by Jerrica Knight-Catania

Victoria Barclay is determined to make a difference in the world, so she finds a way to rob the rich and donate to the poor. But the Earl of Leyburn, her lifelong friend and neighbor, threatens to expose her in his constant pursuit of the truth. 


SHUNNED NO MORE by Christina McKnight

Lady Viola Oberbrook longed for a quiet life in the country, far from London and the society who'd shunned her during her first season. She never expected to come face-to-face with Lord Haversham, the only man who had every right to despise her. 



Struggling to survive in London's dangerous rookeries, Kate Morgan is determined not to give into the temptation of past love Daniel O'Reilly when he returns to win back her heart and prove he's innocent of murder.



Courtesan Celeste Gray wanted a new life free of the infamy of her notorious past--the last thing she planned on was falling for the stuffy viscount next door, Ashlin Lancester.



Stephen Lumley returns from battle wounded and jaded, only to find his home life had been changed forever. After proposing while drowning his sorrows in liquor, he now has only four months to convince himself and Jane Marwick he is worthy of her, before she's off to London to find a man who is.



Lady Amelia's willing to create a scandal to stay in her beloved England. A Scottish duke ignites her passion, but will she abandon her endeavor for love?


THE LOVE LIST by Deb Marlowe

Miss Brynne Wilmott will do anything to get her name off of the Love List—that wickedly witty register of London’s light skirts.  The Duke of Aldmere will do anything to be left alone.  But his brother is mixed up in the business, so he’ll work with the lady to unravel the mess…until they find that the plot is more twisted and treasonous than anyone suspects…and that the danger and intrigue pale next to the effect they have on each other.


TO WALK IN THE SUN by Jane Charles

Hiding from a dangerous man, Tess Crawford thought The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies would be the perfect place to disappear…except she didn’t anticipate being drawn to the reclusive Viscount Atwood, who has many secrets of his own. 





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REVIEW:  IT STARTED WITH A KISS ANTHOLOGY  Christina McKnight, Elizabeth Essex, Erica Monroe, Rose Gordon, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Emma Locke, Amanda Mariel, Deb Marlowe ,Christina McKnight, Ava Stone,  Jane Charles


It Started With A Kiss: Regency Romance Box SetIt Started With A Kiss: Regency Romance Box Set by Christina McKnight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shunned No More by Christina McKnight - The toast of society, Viola is enjoying her meteoric success until all her hopes are shattered at the hands of a duel that proves deadly. It's hard to forgive yourself when the blame continues to come from others as well. Now she has to contend with a broken heart, a guilty conscience and a sexy but vengeful Earl. Shunned No More shows that even in one's darkest hour there is always hope. Learning is a task never outgrown and forgiveness can prove a balm for the soul. Ms. McKnight tackles the benefits of having an open heart and a compassionate spirit while rebuilding trust and finding hope.

The Trouble with Being Wicked by Emma Locke - Celeste and Ash are trying to escape the shadows of the past. Ash came across as a jerk more than a gentleman quite often in this story. The main reason, he felt there was something flawed inside of his makeup that he needed to purge. Celeste wants more than the notoriety of her former profession. She wants to live and exist in a place where she can be known as her true self not just a name. She decides to make a fresh start hoping to find all she seeks and succeeds until her past comes back to haunt her. The Trouble with Being Wicked is a triumphant story about overcoming circumstance and prejudice to successfully face any roadblock. Celeste is a great character because she owned her past and made a choice to claim her future regardless of others. Her strength was an inspiration.

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Release Date:  December 13, 2016





For Phoebe Werner, the management trainee program at Riley O’Brien & Co. represents a new beginning. She’s finally healthy, and she is trying to enjoy life while she can. She never expects to run into Garrett Gale at a New Year’s Eve party. The handsome hotelier is the only man she wants… and a reminder of what she can never have.

Years ago, Garrett enjoyed one memorable night with Phoebe after months of fantasizing about her. And then, she disappeared. She ignored his efforts to contact her, and he did his best to forget her. Now fate has brought her back into his life and his bed. But who knows how long she’ll stay there?

With Phoebe's fears threatening to ruin their chance at happiness, Garrett must convince her that they're meant to be. He can't let Phoebe walk away with his heart again.






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Will Never Fade (Riley O'Brien & Co., #4.75)Will Never Fade by Jenna Sutton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC Review: Will Never Fade (Riley O'Brien & Co.) by Jenna Sutton

Bring on the Kleenex, because you'll need every one. Will Never Fade tackles some hard subjects, such as mortality, fear and the power of love. Phoebe has been through hell and back. The constant fear, endless despair and the hope for a second chance. All of these emotions were constant companions for a scared young woman going through the unbearable. Now, hoping to put the past behind her and live again, that constant fear still lingers on her mind, in her soul with every beat of her heart. Maybe a distraction will give her the strength to outrun her fear. Enter Garrett. Haunted by memories of an angel, Garrett seeks to find out more about the mysterious beauty from his past. Can he unlock the secrets of her heart or will Phoebe allow the fears in her head to overrule the love in her heart? There will be tears, but beyond the heartbreak Ms. Sutton delivers a courageous story of hope and facing down the scariest and happiest moments. 

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Release Date:  December 13, 2016






It’s been twelve years since Liza Carmichael stepped foot in Surrender, but after her great aunt’s death she has no choice but to return and settle her estate. Which includes the corner bakery that’s been a staple in Surrender for more than fifty years.


After twenty-five years on the job, Lieutenant Grant Boone finds himself at loose ends now that he’s retired. He’s gotten a number of job offers—one from MacKenzie Security—but he’s burned out and jaded, and the last thing he wants to do is carry the burden of another badge and weapon. He almost turns down the invitation from his good friend Cooper MacKenzie to stay as their guest for a few weeks while he’s deciding what to do with the rest of his life. But he packs his bag and heads to Surrender anyway.


The only thing Boone knows is that his future plans don’t include Liza Carmichael. She’s bossy, temperamental, and the confections she bakes are sweet enough to tempt a saint. Thank God he’s never pretended to be one. But after he gets one taste of Liza and things start heating up in the kitchen, he realizes how delicious new beginnings can be.





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Sweet Surrender: A MacKenzie Family Novella (The MacKenzie Family)Sweet Surrender: A MacKenzie Family Novella by Liliana Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Liliana Hart knows how to deliver spicy with a side of sweetness. Sweet Surrender lured me in with sugary goodness but got me hooked on the thrill of the chase. Although Grant and Liza's story is more of a whodunit than a let's do it type of read, action was the name of the game and boy did these characters live up to the call. Every gambit of emotion was on display from fear to sizzling temptation. The suspense was an added adrenaline rush but the ultimate payoff was chemisery that set the pages on fire. Sweet Surrender packs a powerful punch for such a short read.

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