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Confessions of a Naughty Nanny (The Baileys #6) by: Piper Rayne


Confessions of a Naughty Nanny (The Baileys #6) - Piper Rayne

He's lost his spark. She's caught his fire. When a little white lie ignites an explosive attraction, it's inevitable that someone is going to get burned. Phoenix and Griffin are quite a pair. The single dad who has lost his way and the dreamer hoping to make her dreams come true. When opportunity knocks neither is ready for the fireworks, but they're bound to enjoy the ride. Rayne struck a chord with the poet in me with Confessions of a Naughty Nanny. From sinfully, naughty to hilariously, funny and heartachingly, delicious, Phoenix and Griffin hit all the right notes with my heart.

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The Case For Temptation (About Last Night) by: Robyn Grady


The Case For Temptation (About Last Night) - Robyn Grady

Power, temptation and scandal run rampant in Teagan and Jacob's world. How could they have known they'd be drawn into the center of it? Grady adds fuel to a backdrop that was built on drama. The Case for Temptation is a whirlwind. What was meant to be one night becomes an obsession that implodes the world around the two main characters. There's so much going on that sometimes I struggled to keep up, but I love a challenge and Robyn Grady always delivers on that front.

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My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers #1) by: Stacy Reid


My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers #1) - Stacy Reid

Lindsey left behind some large shoes to fill and Reid is well on her way to proving herself up for the challenge. My Darling Duke transforms the way we look at romance. Katherine and Alexander capture attention with their larger than life personalities and fiery spirits. Emotions give way to an inspiring journey of hope that will leave any heart hauntingly breathless.

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Hart Land Boxed Set (1-3) by: Chris Keniston


Hart Land Boxed Set (#1-3) - Chris Keniston

Keniston brings out the sentiment in a heartwarming new series. Small town fun, with some big city heart. How can anyone not get hooked. (4.5 stars)

Heather packs a ton of love in an all too short, captivating tale of family, romance and inescapable memories. Great start. (5 stars)

Lily - Laughter is the sweetest balm for the soul. Keniston delivers humor, heart and hope with a special kind of charm. (5 stars)

Violet - I lost my heart two books ago. Keniston blends emotion with humor and creates inspiring characters. Violet has a tendency to get lost in the background. Her calm nature doesn't always work in her favor, but when it comes to her family, she's all heart. Grant is about to find out just how fierce, this lioness can be. Violet's story is more subtle than Heather and Lily's. She creeps up on your heart and lays claim to your soul. (4 stars)

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"Lindsey left behind some large shoes to fill and Reid is well on her way to proving herself up for the challenge. Emotions give way to an inspiring journey of hope that will leave any heart hauntingly breathless." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer)




My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid is LIVE!

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“Lush, beautifully written, and deeply romantic, My Darling Duke will sweep you off your feet. My heart was lost to this couple from the very start.” —Amalie Howard, author of The Beast of Beswick


Miss Katherine Danvers has always been a wallflower. But now, with her family on the brink of financial ruin, she finds herself a desperate wallflower. To save her family, she'll do anything. Luckily, she has the perfect plan...


She’ll impress the ton by simply announcing she is engaged to the reclusive and mysterious Duke of Thornton, Alexander Masters, and secure strong matches for her sisters. No one has heard from the duke in years. Surely he’ll never find out before her sisters’ weddings, and she can go back to her own quiet life.


Soon, though, everything is out of control. At first, it’s just a few new ball gowns on the duke’s accounts. Then, it’s interviews with reporters eager for gossip. Before she knows it, Katherine has transformed herself into Kitty Danvers, charming and clever belle of the ton—with everyone eager to meet her thankfully absent fiancé.


But when the enigmatic Alexander Masters suddenly arrives in the city, dashing and oh so angry, he demands retribution. Except not in the way Katherine expected…






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New Spanish Release: ¡Dañado! El último libro en la saga, Los Hermanos Walker de la autora @JSScottHola






¡Dañado! El último libro en la saga, Los Hermanos Walker de la autora @JSScottHola se encuentra disponible HOY y es GRATIS con el programa de Kindle Unlimited.


Me llamo Dane Walker y estoy total e irremediablemente roto. Perdí toda mi vida en el accidente de avión que mató a mi padre y me dejó marcado, tanto física como emocionalmente, con mi vida pendiendo de un hilo en un hospital, único superviviente del accidente. No estaba en condiciones de funcionar en la ciudad, así que me mudé a mi propia isla privada en las Bahamas para lamerme las heridas en soledad.

Había pasado toda mi vida adulta construyendo mi existencia solitaria en Cayo Walker. Estaba bien solo. Me había resignado a mi destino. Pero entonces la conocí. Mis hermanos la enviaron; yo quería hacer que se marchara. Pero… no pude. 

Algo en Kenzie Jordan me recuerda a mí mismo. Está dañada, como yo. Quiero salvarla de los secretos que oculta, sean cuales sean. La vida le dio una mano muy dura y es la mujer más fuerte que he conocido. No podía dejarla tirada en la calle, así que decidí quedarme con ella, aunque me costara mi tranquilidad.

Cierto, quería a Kenzie en mi cama. La química está ahí desde el momento en que la vi, candente. Pero me deja anhelando algo… más. Yo pensaba que estaba ayudando a Kenzie… hasta que ya no lo hacía.

Resulta que quizás terminemos ayudándonos mutuamente. Ella es la cura para mi profunda soledad. ¿Puede ser suficiente un hombre hecho polvo y solitario como yo para una mujer como ella? Eso espero, porque no pienso dejarla marchar nunca…


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No han comenzado la serie?
¡DESAHOGO!, el primer libro en la serie, se encuentra por un tiempo limitado a un precio rebajado.


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Power Play (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #2) by: Toni Aleo


Power Play (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #2) - Toni Aleo

A penalty of hearts makes a power play for love. Aleo is back to lay claim to emotions by seducing her way into our hearts. Power Play takes aim at heartache and scores gold. For Posey and Boon, hockey may be the name of the game, but passion is what these lonely hearts are aiming for. Heat, heart and humor set off sparks both on and off the icein this captivating read. Aleo delivers another perfect 10.

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Bergen Brothers: The Complete Series by: Krista Sandor

Bergen Brothers: The Complete Series - Krista Sandor

The Bergen Brothers are easy on the eyes, but detrimental to the heart. Sandor takes complicated men and simplifies their heart's desire with an overabundance of drama along the way. Having everything your heart desires can be less than a fairytale. (A PERFECT 10 ++)

Man Fast begins as a bit of a laugh, but quickly becomes so much more. Sandor has crafted a ballad to a broken heart. For Brennen, tragedy haunts his lyrics. He uses chaos to numb the pain and guilt he refuses to face. That all changes when his solo melody takes on a duet partner that has him rethinking his ways. All it takes is a sense of humor and an abundance of heart to fall in love with a less than perfect romance. Great read. (5 stars)

Man Feast reintroduces Elle Reynolds, Abby's cousin. In Man Fast, Elle proved to be the voice of reason. Man Feast finds her spiraling as she navigates betrayal and the overpowering presence of Jasper Bergen, Brennen's brother. Brennen was the charmer, but Jasper is anything but. He's a piece of work in a three piece suit that guards his heart well. Elle and Jasper go from virtual enemies to combustible lovers in the blink of an eye, but will the need for control implode their happy ending? Sandor turns heartbreaking into irresistible and I am so enjoying the ride. (5 stars)

Man Find marks the end of a wonderful series. Sandor takes the best of storytelling and turns it into a mass of unpredictable emotions. From Brennen to Jasper and now Camden, I couldn't help but fall in love. Man Find reminded me a bit of Sleepless in Seattle. By chance two strangers are brought together. Loss is the common denominator, but fate finds a way to bring them hope, show them love and help them heal. From heartbreaking to heartwarming, Cadence and Camden are irresistible to the heart. Sandor saved the best for last. (5 stars)
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Power Play by Toni Aleo is AVAILABLE NOW!

Amazon -- https://amzn.to/2otFrT7
Universal -- getbook.at/PowerPlayTA
Apple -- https://apple.co/35vVQqF
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Posey Adler is coming home. After a devastating journey for what she mistakenly thought was true love, she is saying to hell with men and love forever. As the Nashville Assassins’s new assistant coach for special teams, Posey is ready to focus on her job and have the attention on her for a change. She’s been haunted by her place in her sister’s shadow, but this is her chance to shine and force her family to take notice. But in order to make a name for herself, she’s going to have to go toe-to-toe with her team’s leading power play scorer.

Boon Hoenes lives for special teams. The power play is his favorite thing about the game. He loves having that advantage over his opponent. And most of the time, it’s his quick thinking that sends the puck to the back of the goal when he’s on the ice. Off the ice, however, no amount of quick thinking prepared his heart for being dumped by his college sweetheart. Boon has sworn off women, but when Posey Adler comes onto his ice—and kicks him off his beloved power play—he decides she’s one woman he doesn’t want to swear off.

They’ve both been hurt, but instead of going in for the penalty kill, Boon is ready to convince Posey their hearts are the secret to how they’ll win.

How they’ll score the ultimate goal.

A forever kind of love.






Power Play (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation, #2)Power Play by Toni Aleo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A penalty of hearts makes a power play for love. Aleo is back to lay claim to emotions by seducing her way into our hearts. Power Play takes aim at heartache and scores gold. For Posey and Boon, hockey may be the name of the game, but passion is what these lonely hearts are aiming for. Heat, heart and humor set off sparks both on and off the icein this captivating read. Aleo delivers another perfect 10.

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One Timer is available now!


One Timer is all heart." - (Isha C., Goodreads Reviewer) 


Amazon -- https://amzn.to/2OG8Ow1
Universal -- getbook.at/OneTimer
Apple -- https://apple.co/2nGTcx8
Nook -- http://bit.ly/2OGAMYm
Kobo -- http://bit.ly/2OLvKtB





About the Author:

My name is Toni Aleo and I’m a total dork.
I am a wife, mother of two and a bulldog, and also a hopeless romantic.
I am the biggest Shea Weber fan ever, and can be found during hockey season with my nose pressed against the Bridgestone Arena’s glass, watching my Nashville Predators play!
When my nose isn’t pressed against the glass, I enjoy going to my husband and son’s hockey games, my daughter’s dance competition, hanging with my best friends, taking pictures, scrapbooking, and reading the latest romance novel.
I have a slight Disney and Harry Potter obsession, I love things that sparkle, I love the color pink, I might have been a Disney Princess in a past life… probably Belle.
… and did I mention I love hockey?

Connect with Toni!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tonialeo1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToniAleo1
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/toni_aleo/
Intagram: https://instagram.com/tonialeo1/
Bookbub: http://bit.ly/2yGqqR6

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The Way Back to You
by Sharon Sala
Publication Date: 12/31/2019

What do you do when your whole life is turned upside down?

Sully Raines sets out to find his birth mother, and ends up in Blessings, Georgia. A new surprise awaits him here, but of the best kind—his childhood sweetheart, whom he hasn’t seen since she moved away when they were teens, is living in Blessings now. He’s not sure she’s as happy to see him as he is to see her, but it’s been a lot of years, and a lot of water under the bridge…

Sully’s heartfelt search for answers about his past might just turn out to be the key to his future…




Purchase Links:
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2jRq04K

B&N: http://bit.ly/2ppOvbJ

Apple: https://apple.co/2prI4Vy

IndieBound: http://bit.ly/31mxnkc

BAM: http://bit.ly/2YjFkXK







The Way Back to You (Blessings, Georgia, #9)The Way Back to You by Sharon Sala

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sala gives hearts the full package. From emotional angst to heartbreaking loss, The Way Back to You gives feelings quite a workout. What begins as his story because their journey. Sully is on the move. Searching for answers and reaquainting himself with his past. Melissa is working her way back from an almost tragedy. When the boy that broke her heart, reveals himself to be the man that saves her life, could a second chance be on the horizon? Blessings, Georgia, is my all time favorite Sharon Sala series, because there resides a bit of every heart inside of each character that she writes. From captivating to relatable, Sala has dreamed up the perfect place to misplace your heart and fall in love.

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Sully drove straight to the flower shop. A bell rang as he walked in, and an older woman in a colorful floral smock appeared from the back.
“Hello. I’m Myra. How can I help you?”
“I want to get a bouquet of flowers. Do you have some made up?”
“Yes. Here in the cooler behind this stand of stuffed toys. But if you don’t see what you want, I can easily make something else while you wait.”
“Okay, thanks,” Sully said. “Let me check these out first.”
“Seeing as how fall is upon us, we have several different sizes of fall bouquets, and with different kinds of flowers. And, of course, the roses,” Myra said.
He pointed to a bouquet of red roses in a crystal vase with a ruby-colored base.
“Those, in that vase with the ruby-colored base. How much are those?”
“Well, it’s a dozen American Beauties, and the vase is crystal, which makes it a bit pricier than others. It’s one hundred and ten dollars.”
“I’ll take it,” Sully said.
Myra beamed. Her husband, Harold, had fussed at her nonstop because she’d used a vase that expensive, and now she could say “I told you so.”
“Wonderful,” she said, as she removed the bouquet from the cooler and carried it to the register. “Will this be cash or credit card?”
“Card,” Sully said as he pulled it out of his wallet.
“If you want to sign a card to go with the flowers, you can pick from these,” Myra said, pointing to the little rack on the counter.
“No card, I’m handing them to her in person.”
Myra pulled up a new screen on the computer. “Your name, sir?”
“Sully Raines.”
Myra gasped. “You’re the man who saved Melissa Dean’s life, aren’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“This is wonderful. I’m glad to meet you. Everybody loves Melissa.”
Sully smiled. “I’m finding that out, but I’m not surprised. She was a sweetheart when we were kids, and she’s only gotten better with age.”
“You knew each other! Wow. Then you must have been really frantic when you were trying to get her out of the burning car.”
“I’d only arrived in town about an hour before it happened. I didn’t know anybody here, and I sure didn’t know it was her until we were in the ER. The last time we’d seen each other, we were thirteen.”
“Oh my! What an amazing story. If these are for her, please give her our best.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Sully said, and then they finished the purchase.
He made the drive back to Melissa’s house slowly and carefully, and he was happy to see her car in the driveway when he arrived. He got out carrying the vase, and then instead of using the key she’d given him, he rang the doorbell.
When Melissa opened the door, her eyes widened in delight.
“Delivery for the prettiest woman in Blessings,” he said.
She laughed. “I think you must have the wrong house.”
“Nope. I know exactly where I am, and these are for you. Where do you want me to put them?” he asked.
“I think here on this table in the foyer. That way I’ll see them all the time, coming and going.”
He set them on the table, then turned around and hugged her.
“Does this mean Elliot gave you good news?” Melissa asked.
“He gave me news,” Sully said, and felt the knowing of meant to be when he kissed her.
Melissa’s heart fluttered from the gentleness of the kiss, but she was dying for information.
“But what news? Did he know where she was?”
“That man talks around a subject more than anyone I’ve ever met. He told me my birth father’s name, thinking I already knew.”
“Oh my gosh! What is it?”
“Marc Adamos. I never found the name on any papers, but now I know.”
“And your mom? What did he say?”
“He told me not to leave Blessings.”
Melissa frowned. “But what does that mean, exactly? That she’s here? Then where?”
“He just kept repeating, ‘Don’t leave Blessings,’ so I’m not leaving.”
Melissa laughed and hugged him. “Don’t expect me to be sad about that.”
“He also said you were my soul mate and wished us a long and happy life together.”
She gasped. “Did he really say that?”
Sully nodded.
Melissa sighed. “Well, it took us long enough to find each other again. Maybe that is why it was so easy to fall back into this.”
“Works for me,” Sully said, then kissed her again until he heard her moan. “The feeling is mutual.”
Melissa felt like her whole body was humming—like someone had turned up the energy in the room.
Sully saw her shiver. “Are you afraid? Don’t be afraid. This is not anything to act on until we’re ready.”
“Afraid? Of you? No, Sully. I just don’t know what to do with what I feel.”
“Then don’t do anything. When the time is right, there won’t be any confusion. That I can promise.” He wrapped his arms around her. “It’s all good, love. It’s going to be all right.”
“I feel like a forty-something idiot. This should not be so hard,” she muttered.
He chuckled, and when he did, she started to push away, then felt his heartbeat. Without moving, she put her other hand on her own. Their heartbeats were in rhythm.
“What’s wrong?” Sully said.
She reached for his hand and put it over his own heart, and then put his other hand on hers.
“Feel that?” she asked.
“Feel what… Oh, wow! We’re in sync.” Then he laughed. “I love this.”
“I know,” she said. “It’s pretty amazing. I adore the roses, and I adore you, too, Sully Raines.”
“Is this where I sweep you off your feet and take you to bed, or is this where we go eat pie?”
Melissa burst into laughter, and once the joy bubbled up, more kept coming, and she laughed until there were tears in her eyes.
Sully grinned and then put his arm around her and led her to the kitchen.
“I think it’s pie.”
“Just because you went to see a psychic doesn’t mean you’re turning into one.”
He stopped in the middle of the kitchen floor. “Are you saying it’s not pie?”
“Not pie. Cake!”
“You and your sass,” Sully said, and kissed the laugh right off her face.

Excerpted from The Way Back to You by Sharon Sala. © 2019 by Sharon Sala. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved.



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SHARON SALA has over one hundred books in print and has published in five different genres. She is an eight-time RITA finalist, five-time Career Achievement winner from RT Book Reviews, and five-time winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma.








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