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Audiobook Review: Cutter's Creek: The Complete Saga by: Vivi Holt (Author) Paul Curtis (Narrator)


Cutter's Creek: The Complete Saga - Paul Curtis, Vivi Holt



The Cutter's Creek series may be a little rough around the edges, but the character's pack more than enough heart to go around. Holt delves deep to create soulful tales of courageous people and the people that love them. Curtis has a voice that wraps itself around the heartache and endears itself to the senses. 

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Royally Schooled by McKenna James


Royally Schooled - McKenna James



Maggie and Edward come from different worlds. He's a Prince with the world laid out at his feet. She's a woman who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. By chance is how they meet. She needs a job. He needs a tutor. What they find could be the undoing of years of tradition or the beginning of a forever kind of love. Royally Schooled feeds the fantasy of the heart. Though a tad cliched, James puts emotions at the center of a larger than life, slightly obvious, hard to resist fairytale and hits her target dead on.

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Tallulah Heartbeat (Tallulah Cove) by: Casey Hagen


Tallulah Heartbeat (Tallulah Cove) - Casey Hagen



Tallulah Heartbeat has courage, candor and heart. Casey Hagen never misses the chance to state the obvious while shaking up the soul. Abigail and Ben are strangers that share a common goal. Hurt by life, scarred by heartache, starting over seems like a good idea. Single mother, Abigail has let tragedy rule her life for far too long. A fresh start has her finally finding her voice, just as fate steals away with her heart. Ben is her new beginning, but his demons could end their happily ever after before it even gets off the ground. Heart, heat and honesty make way for a compelling romance.

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Doctor Next Door: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Temptation Next Door Book 2) by Nicole Casey


Doctor Next Door: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance (Temptation Next Door Book 2) - Nicole Casey



Casey heats things up while allowing chaos to guide the way. Doctor Next Door leaves a lasting impression on the heart, funny bone and hormones. Edgar and Daliah are a comedic we dream. She pushes his buttons, she tempts his senses and they clash at every turn. When pent up frustration insists on becoming more, will these enemy neighbors become a perfect match? Prepare for sensory overload, because Doctor Next Door, knows how to get it done.

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Baby Daddy by Victoria Snow


Baby Daddy  - Victoria  Snow



I finished Baby Daddy in one day. Belle and Michael are a delicious blend of hotness that pulls at the heartstrings with at times frustrating results. Snow is a temptation that I'm glad to have taken a chance on.

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Audiobook Review: The Billionaire's Salvation ~ Max (The Billionaire's Obsession, #3) by J.S. Scott (Author), Elizabeth Powers (Narrator)


The Billionaire's Salvation ~ Max (The Billionaire's Obsession, #3) - Elizabeth Powers, J.S. Scott


Emotions run wild when secrets are revealed. No one can scramble up a heart quite like Scott. The Billionaire's Salvation is a scorcher that begins in heartache but plops readers inside a mystery. Max has been haunted by the past. His life may seem like a dream. He has more money than most, but success has caused him more grief. After losing his heart's desire to tragedy, regret is his constant company. Mia was the love of his life, the keeper of his heart and his greatest regret. How can life be so cruel? His heart may be broken, but fate's not done with him yet. Like a melody that's hard to forget, Scott blows into your mind, laying claim to your heart. The combination of Scott and Powers gives the heart something to sing about.

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Once Upon a Cowboy (Almost Royal Book 2) by Rachel Lacey


Once Upon a Cowboy (Almost Royal #2) - Rachel Lacey



Once Upon a Cowboy can take another little piece of my heart, because I'd gladly offer up the whole thing. Jake and Megan turn a heartaching fairytale into an inspirational showstopper. Lacey puts her own spin on a fan favorite and delivers a modern day masterpiece. A glass of heartbreak served up with a tasty side of forever.

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A Cinderella Seduction (The Eden Empire #2) by: Karen Booth


A Cinderella Seduction (The Eden Empire #2) - Karen Booth



Emma has waited a long time to find her happy ending. A surprise revelation has her believing in the fantasy until her fairytale comes crashing down around her. Daniel is everything she's ever wanted. He charms his way into her heart, but will her prince turn out to be a devil in disguise? A Cinderella Seduction casts a spell on the senses. From emotional reveals to dangerous temptation, Booth reminds the heart what it means to love.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019





The Fadeaway audiobook by Rebecca Jenshak is LIVE! 


This college jock is a total player. He’s used to getting who and what he wants. Until her . . . 

The hottest guy on campus won’t stop asking me out. I know that sounds like a good problem to have, but this guy… this guy has no idea how complicated my life is trying to juggle being a single mom and college student.
Every Thursday, he shows up at the café where I work. His cheesy pickup lines and arrogance should have me completely annoyed. I’m not. I can’t say yes, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

The hottest girl on campus won’t go out with me. I know, I know, that sounds presumptuous, but this girl… this girl has gotten under my skin, and I can’t seem to walk away.
Every Thursday, I show up at the café where she works. She’s fed me every excuse in the book. I should give up and bang one of the many girls blowing up my phone. I’m not. Even when she says no, Thursday is my favorite day of the week.















Use your end of the month audio credit to download Lost Boy today!


In a world where I had no say, violence became my refuge, and nothing else mattered.
Not even my own life.
Until her.
Skyler Bell.
It all started the first time I heard that voice. Giving me hope for tomorrow. My first love was everything all at once.
Except, I never imagined there were secrets that needed to be shared. Lies that needed to be confessed. Truths that needed to be told. 
Demons that needed to be buried. 
Once I realized the depth, the longing, the sadness and sorrow in her eyes mirrored mine, it was too late. Love didn't come to me as heartbreak, it came as everything I've ever wanted. Walking away wasn't an option, but it was the only choice I had.
I finally found the price of love and it cost me...
My soul.












NARRATOR: Sebastian York 

From USA Today best-selling author M. Robinson comes a contemporary romance duet filled with all the feels of a epic love story. 


What do you do when you meet your soulmate at seven years old?

You give....
You live....
And you love....
To have and to hold. 

Until you hear the words, "I just don't love you anymore."

Putting an end to me. 
To you. 
To us.






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