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Release Date: April 10th

Genre/Tropes: Fake ex-husband / Small Town Romance / Friends to Lovers / One Bed / He Falls First



Fluke, an all-new small-town romance, by USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke is coming April 10th!





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“Do you check your email?” she asks.


“Have you checked it today?”

“Uh, no. I’ve been working all day.”

She clears her throat, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. “May I ask you to let me see your emails, please?”

Excuse me?

I press my lips together, curiosity getting the best of me, and pull my phone out of my pocket.


“No, you may not see my emails.”

Her hands go to her hips. “Please?”

“What are you up to, Pip?”

She reaches for my phone in a quick, bold move. Unfortunately for her, I’m quicker. I hold it up in the air and effectively out of her reach.

“Please, don’t look at them. At least not with me standing here,” she says, hopping a whole foot off the ground to try to reach the device.

I chuckle. “What did you do?”

“Give it to me.” She hops again. “Now.”

“Not a chance.” I swipe the screen and find my email app as she tries to tug my arm down. “Will you stop it?”

“Jess,” she says, fake crying. She stops hopping. “Wait.”

I laugh at her little pout. “You are so fucking cute.”

“I hate you.”

“You do not.”

The app opens, and I scan my inbox. It’s the third message from the top that catches my attention.











I need a fake ex-husband.

Let me explain …

I may have let it slip to my new co-workers that I have an ex-husband. Now they’re fascinated with the details, specifically with him.

Why wouldn’t they be? He’s gorgeous, has exceptional skills in the bedroom, and is determined to win me back.

But there’s a problem. He doesn’t exist.

The bigger problem? I have to produce him to save my job.

This is where you come in.

I’m seeking someone to play a smitten ex-husband for two weeks. You’ll need to remember our love story—details matter when it comes to romance! Please be prepared to travel in-state at a moment’s notice. We may be in close proximity and sharing a bed may be required.

One more thing—kisses are required for optics as necessary.

If this sounds interesting or, at the very least, entertaining, let me know.


Your Future Ex-Wife


Buckle up for a steamy adventure between friends-turned-lovers in this new “fresh twist on a favorite trope!” take on fake dating, close proximity, and romance in the workplace from USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke.



About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling author, Adriana Locke, writes contemporary romances about the two things she knows best—big families and small towns. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love with the perfect combination of heart, heat, and humor.


She loves connecting with readers, fall weather, football, reading alpha heroes, everything pumpkin, and pretending to garden.


Hailing from a tiny town in the Midwest, Adriana spends her free time with her high school sweetheart (who she married over twenty-five years ago) and their four sons (who truly are her best work). Her kitchen may be a perpetual disaster, and if all else fails, there is always pizza.


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We are thrilled to celebrate HELLO BILLIONAIRE by Kelsie Hoss is LIVE!



"An introduction that goes straight to the heart. A great story with an empowering message." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)



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My ex told me no one would ever want to be with a "fat, broke, single mom of three." My billionaire boss thinks otherwise.

After my ex left me high and dry, I need make things work for my kids. Even if it means getting rejected for jobs over and over again.

When my friend gets me an interview with her boss for an interior design job, I think things are finally looking up. That is until I door ding his Tesla and yell at my kids on the phone during the interview. (For the record, running out of peanut butter does NOT count as an “emergency.”)

But for some reason… he offers me the job.

As a boss, Gage Griffen is intense, driven, and demanding. But under his layers of Armani and grumpy exterior, he’s also generous, kind, and treats my kids the way I wish their dad would.

I need to keep my distance, because this job is our fresh start. And messing up this opportunity could ruin everything, including my heart.

Hello Billionaire is a grumpy/sunshine rom com featuring a steamy billionaire, a plus-size single mom, three matchmaking children, and one hell of a happily ever after.





Hello BillionaireHello Billionaire by Kelsie Hoss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An introduction that goes straight to the heart. Hoss takes an emotional situation and turns it into an inspiring journey of self-discovery and second chances. Though not always beautiful, Hello Billionaire is a story any heart can relate to. Farrah turns heartache into courageous, soulful and optimistic new beginning. A great story with an empowering message.

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We are thrilled to celebrate TIED TO YOU by Jer’tarme is LIVE!




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To feel acceptance, love…how far would you go? She crossed a line and now she’s in their world.

Aubrey Jane Garcia: smart, focused . . . innocent?
Academically gifted and painfully aware of her lack of sexual experience, Aubrey knows her acceptance into Columbia University will mark a defining moment in her life. But after swapping small-town California for New York City, Aubrey wakes up dazed in a stranger’s bed. Was she drugged? Assaulted? Or Saved from a fate much worse?

She arrived in New York determined to find herself, though what she found was a world of sex, drugs, and undeserved notoriety, built on the preconceived realities of those around her. Now she has no idea where fantasy begins and reality ends.

All she wanted was to fit in.

Noah Charleston: jaded, stubborn . . . gentleman?
Heartbroken and alone after the loss of his one true love. Would he ever love again? The thought couldn’t be further from his mind. Until her. Now complicated feelings are involved, hidden pasts are coming to light, and he soon finds himself facing a new kind of heartache—one rooted in gossip, addiction, and the darker side of sex. Is it love, or has his relationships been built on a lie?

Only one thing’s for sure: Noah and Aubrey must break free from societal expectations and the sinister game they’ve unwittingly found themselves playing. Even if that means sacrificing more than just a reputation.

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The Seduction by Jennifer Bernard is #NowLive!
Available on All Platforms
Everything changed one night in Lake Bittersweet…

Successful model Bliss Gault is known for her smile and her sunshiny attitude. The youngest child of rock legend Steven Gault, everyone sees her as the flaky, flighty member of the family. And why wouldn’t they, when she has a habit of getting in and out of messes by the skin of her teeth? But when she returns to Lake Bittersweet for her sister’s wedding with an international mess in tow…this time, she might be in over her head.

FBI Agent Earl Granger is in Minnesota to help an old Army buddy, using “head of security” for Bliss Gault as his cover. Within seconds of meeting her, the stunning blond is making him crazy with her whimsy and her sage-burning. He’s a gruff, fact-focused professional. There’s no way he’s letting her distract him from his real purpose—discovering the identity of his father. She can save the smiles and seduction act for someone else.

But fate has something very different in store for these two total opposites. From international mayhem to a passion they never saw coming…some seductions are impossible to resist.
The SeductionThe Seduction by Jennifer Bernard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unforgettable. Unpredictable. Irresistible. The Seduction turns instant attraction into breathtaking romance. Bernard pulls the soul into the twists and turns of the heart. Bliss and Earl take emotions on a topsy-tury adventure that seems larger than life and grounded in love.

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About the Author:

Jennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “an irresistible reading experience” full of “quick wit and sizzling love scenes.” A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life in Los Angeles for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She still hasn’t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea.

If you'd like to know when Jennifer's next book comes out, visit her website at to sign up for her mailing list.

Free Fall by Elise Faber is #NowLive!
Available on All Platforms
He was her mortal enemy.
And…he’d decided she was his.

She loved being a doctor.
She didn’t love Connor Jackson.

Picking. Poking. Prodding. The man had never met a button he didn’t like to push. And since Raven had never met a fight that she didn’t see through to the end, when she and Connor were together…


Then she got hurt—really hurt—and Connor decided that she needed looking after.

And that was when she discovered that maybe what she felt for Connor wasn’t hate at all.
Free Fall (Life Sucks, #7)Free Fall by Elise Faber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Faber breaks the heart wide open. Her "Life Sucks" series features flawed characters, emotional scenarios and inspiring stories. Free Fall is no exception. Raven and Connor are determined to be human. Their foray into matters of the heart means facing the uncertainty of learning to be vulnerable and never losing sight of dreams despite the odds.

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About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Elise Faber, loves chocolate, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and hockey (the order depending on the day and how well her team—the Sharks!—are playing). She and her husband also play as much hockey as they can squeeze into their schedules, so much so that their typical date night is spent on the ice. Elise changes her hair color more often than some people change their socks, loves sparkly things, and is the mom to two exuberant boys.

She lives in Northern California. Connect with her in her Facebook group, the Fabinators or email her at

Connect with Elise!

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Taming the Bear by Ellie Pond is available now!
FREE with Kindle Unlimited
If she ever finds out they’re mates, he’ll be forced to reject her . . .

But then first officer Luca Laurit is twistedly lucky. His mate has alpha sensitivity and has no idea they’re fated. And he plans to keep it that way. It’s a big ship and with her schedule memorized he’s lived years in a choreographed dance she doesn’t know she’s performing in.

Someday soon, his bear will have to be put down. And then she won’t know the pain of losing someone you love.

This is book five in a standalone series, a full-length steamy read. HEA and no cliffhanger!
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About the Author:

Ellie lives in New England with her husband and children. When she's not writing you'll find her traveling or dreaming about her next trip. Visit her at




Calling all romantic suspense fans:
If you like it steamy with a dash of mafia, Her Keeper by @quinn.marlowe is your next read!
Get it #free with #KindleUnlimited!
I knew Penny Lane had something up her sleeve the moment she accepted the job she’d never wanted before. I knew it was a mistake to let her into my organization. My family. And I did it anyhow. Because she was a friend of the family. Because Sloane Brennan and Brooks Peterson stood up for her. And because I’d wanted the girl since we were kids.

I should have listened to my brother and kept her out of it. But now it’s too late. Because whoever is coming after my family is coming after her, too. They think she knows more than she does. They think she’s more important than she is to my family. And they’re willing to kill her to prove it. 

But only if they can get through me and my men.

Do I know what she was doing? No. Do I think I can trust her? Honestly, I’m not sure. Do I have any intention of letting anyone else get their hands on her?

Absolutely not.

Because somewhere between hiring her to protect her and dancing through the night at a museum benefit, I fell for the girl I was never supposed to fall for. And now that I’ve got her, I’m not going to give her back.

Even if keeping her costs me my life.

Her Keeper is a swoonworthy romantic adventure that features enemies to lovers, a girl who’s in over her head and the guy who’s going to do whatever it takes to save her, spying, intrigue, hijinks, kidnapping, guns, and plenty of sexual tension, and is the second in the Penny and Michael duology of New York Rogues.


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Her Man of Honor by Teri Wilson!


"Love and laughter take the long way to happily ever after with irresistibly heartwarming results. Her Man of Honor is the romance my heart never saw coming. Everly and Henry are easy to love, yet hard to forget." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)
Available on All Platforms


Her bestie would do anything for her—including step in as groom in USA TODAY bestselling author Teri Wilson's first book in the Love, Unveiled miniseries!

When did her longtime best friend

Become the perfect groom?

Everly England is a bridal-advice columnist. A guru. And unfortunately, a jilted bride! Her ruined reputation and wedding only get more disastrous when her bestie Henry Aston’s sympathetic kiss ignites a desire she never knew possible. Henry knows the glamorous city girl is terrified romance will ruin their friendship. But this stand-in groom plans to win her “I do” after all!

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.







"Emotion comes full circle. McLaughlin seduces the heart with irresistible characters and sassy humor. Alex and Kelsey are an adorable match that speaks to the senses and tickles the soul." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)




Release Date: March 28, 2023


From the New York Times bestselling author of Forever My Girl: The Motion Picture, Heidi McLaughlin delivers a contemporary football romance that will leave you ready to hike the ball.

Kelsey Sloane’s love of books leads to her dream job as an acquisitions editor for an up and coming publisher. What their company needs to really make a name for themselves is a hit release, and Kelsey thinks she may have found it. That is, if the football aspects of the sports-themed love story make sense. Completely clueless on the subject, she calls the local NFL team—the Portland Pioneers—to teach her the basics.

Portland Pioneers center, Alex Moore, gets the short end of the stick when he’s tasked with teaching new to town, Kelsey Sloane, all about football. Fresh off a break-up with his long-term girlfriend, the offensive lines blur for Alex when he finds himself attracted to Kelsey.

Oblivious to who Alex is, Kelsey isn’t enamored by his fame or begging for tickets on the fifty-yard line. Her only interest is learning about the sport he loves.

Her impromptu internship over, it’s time for Kelsey to return to wading through stacks of manuscripts. But Alex isn’t ready to say goodbye. Can he find a way to keep the football novice in his life? Or will their differing careers be the flag on the play that keeps them apart












"Seduction takes a sweet turn into bliss. From flirty to sassy, Booth takes emotions by storm with addictive results. Colin and Corryna are a match full of surprises that goes straight to the heart." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)




Release Date: March 28, 2023





These business rivals had one night—and now there’s a nine-month surprise on the way in the latest Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding novel by Karen Booth.

Can they put that one unforgettable night behind them

and keep things strictly business?

Sharing the bed of high-profile chef Colin Reynolds during a blackout was a mistake florist Corryna Lawson can’t afford to repeat. Especially now that they’re working together on a celebrity wedding at the Texas Cattleman’s Club. As the two collaborate on flowers and food, Corryna finds Colin nearly impossible to resist…and maybe she doesn’t want to. But then she discovers she’s carrying his baby…

From Harlequin Desire: Passionate and provocative stories featuring rich, powerful heroes and scandalous family sagas.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding series:

 Book 1: A Cowboy Kind of Thing by Reese Ryan
Book 2: Designs on a Rancher by LaQuette
Book 3: Four Weeks to Forever by Karen Booth
Book 4: Make Believe Match by Joanne Rock
Book 5: Oh So Wrong with Mr. Right by Nadine Gonzalez
Book 6: The Man She Loves to Hate by Jessica Lemmon











"A charming read that threatens to steal away with your heart. Rock paints a delightful picture of romance at it's most innocent. From tempting to sweet, Jessica and Oliver are a mesmerizing match." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)





Release Date: March 28, 2023





From fling to fake fiancé? Anything can happen when the match is make-believe! In the latest from USA TODAY bestselling author Joanne Rock!

Billionaire playboys aren’t marriage material.

But “fake” marriage?

What could possibly go wrong?

Wedding fever has hit the town of Royal, Texas! And graduate student Jessica Lewis has made a deal with the devil. Her one-night stand—bad boy CEO Oliver Price—has agreed to be her pretend fiancé for the social season. Their off-the-charts chemistry makes their fake romance an easy sell. But the more events they attend, the more the make-believe feels very, very real. But for two commitmentphobes from different worlds, will chemistry be enough?

From Harlequin Desire: Passionate and provocative stories featuring rich, powerful heroes and scandalous family sagas.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of the Texas Cattleman's Club: The Wedding series:

 Book 1: A Cowboy Kind of Thing by Reese Ryan
Book 2: Designs on a Rancher by LaQuette
Book 3: Four Weeks to Forever by Karen Booth
Book 4: Make Believe Match by Joanne Rock
Book 5: Oh So Wrong with Mr. Right by Nadine Gonzalez
Book 6: The Man She Loves to Hate by Jessica Lemmon










"A revealing journey of heartache and hope that proves too tempting to pass up. Simone pushes every button of the heart with Nore and Joaquin. The emotion is real and the secrets seem never ending, but it's the soul of the core couple that keeps you craving more." - (Isha C. Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)





Release Date: March 28, 2023





Take one event planner, add a former motorcycle racer and multiply by one scorching night in bed and you get…coworkers?! USA TODAY bestselling author Naima Simone's spicy romance proves desire can’t be ignored.

Nore Daniels has sworn off love…only her powerful new client drives her to delicious distraction!

After the crushing end of her engagement, event planner Nore Daniels is through with love. Except her plan to throw herself into work ends with landing in the bed of sexy former motorcycle racer and CEO Joaquin Iverson. Now he wants Nore to work for him—and it’s a business arrangement that may require a decidedly personal touch…

Their chemistry is undeniably off the charts—but when it comes to trust, both Nore and Joaquin have been burned before. And when Nore discovers that he’s the brother of her ex-fiancé, it might send both their worlds spinning out of control…

From Harlequin Desire: Passionate and provocative stories featuring rich, powerful heroes and scandalous family sagas.












"A love worth fighting for.  From tempting to heartbreaking, Cress and Judge are hard to resist. Ellis pulls at the heart." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)





Release Date: March 28, 2023





Cress Stone thought she knew love once. Thought she held it in her hand, but it slipped right through her fingers. Now she doesn't know if she believes in love at all. Who knows what love is, when you've never had but a glimpse of it?

Judge Falcone knows what love is, because he had it with a sweet girl who stole his heart before he knew what she was doing. Life tore them apart, but he fought his way back to her. Now, they'll both know what love is because he won't let anything, life included, tear them apart again.

Now he is in for the round of his life--fighting for his first love.

***Reader's Note: Previously Published as Fighting For Her, this short, hot, second-chance romance has new edits, brand new chapters, but the same panty melting tale of first love finding its way.***










"Emotion runs deep. Wilder stirs up heartache, humor and romance with a depth that will leave you breathless. Sing For Me peers into the soul and with a careful grace that adds beauty to humanity at it's most vulnerable. Heartwarming heartbreaker." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)



Release Date: March 30, 2023





 From USA TODAY bestselling author Claire Wilder comes an all-new standalone fake-dating second chance romance with all the steam and a guaranteed happily ever after.

As my employee, I have every right to tell my restaurant manager Reese that our restaurant is going to be featured in a wildly popular cooking show.

But as my ex-fling with the gorgeous voice—who I fell too hard and fast for two years ago on the heels of my messy divorce—I'm way out of line. Especially because said cooking show is being produced by my ex-wife, who, because of my big mouth, thinks Reese and I are in love.

To my shock, Reese agrees to go along with it. I don't know why, when she rightfully hates my guts.

But I forgot how Reese’s passion and fire made me feel. I forgot what she looked like when she was singing. If I'm not careful, all my tamped-down feelings for her are going to come flying back to the surface.

And if I mess this up, she’ll never sing again.










"Cardello has dreamed up a love story that never stops giving. From spicy to sentimental, He Said Forever is a sensory delight that speaks to the soul."  - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)





Release DateFebruary 21, 2023





From New York Times, bestselling author Ruth Cardello comes an emotional romance about love, loss, and second chances.

Jared’s childhood was so ugly he changed his name to free himself from it. He fought his way out of poverty and earned his success, but all that isn’t enough when his past catches up to him.

Michawn isn’t looking for love when she meets Jared. She’s confident she already has the perfect man and the perfect life. All she wants is to make enough money to pay for the wedding she’s been dreaming of.
There shouldn’t have been a spark of attraction, but there was . . .then a phone call changes everything for Michawn and her life shatters around her.
She loses everything.

Can a man who sees himself as the last person who should help her, be the only one who can?
With a little guidance from Dominic Corisi, he just might find a way to heal himself as well.









"A celebration of life, love and family that sticks to the heart. Probst tugs at emotions at every turn. Chiara, Malia and Tessa turn heartbreak into heartwarming with a little temptation on the side." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)




Release DateFebruary 21, 2023





Tessa Harper, makeover queen of a self-care media empire, loves a challenge. But when she’s forced to satisfy her female readership’s growing interest in sports, Tessa reluctantly seeks out Ford Maddox. The popular sportscaster, annoying friend of her bestie, and long-time sparring partner agrees to strike a deal. He’ll give Tessa his expertise if she’ll give him hers. Namely a makeover to help him get past the friendzone with the woman of his dreams.

Ford has always considered Tessa to be nothing more than a pampered elitist. But if she can turn his rough style and attitude into boyfriend material it’s worth the aggravation. The plan is working. The problem is, Ford’s also starting to see Tessa in a new light. And there’s more to the complicated woman than meets the eye.

Ford is falling hard. But is he ready to give up his ideal love to take a chance on an opinionated, independent spitfire who’s turning his life—and his heart—upside down?









"The Rook dares to be explosive. From breathtaking to heartaching, this is romance that sets the soul ablaze." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)



Release Date: February 21, 2023!




Westin St. James was the one and only person I trusted in this world. 

Then he left me. 

And not just left. I’m talking vanished off of the face of the Earth kind of left.

But four years later, he walks into the front door of my evil father’s house. Like Nothing. Ever. Happened. 

Even worse, my father informs me he’s my new bodyguard. 

But I’m no longer the naive girl he loved and dumped without a word of explanation.

I’m resourceful and independent. Plus, I’ve got a mean right hook. Which I introduce him too as soon as he reintroduces himself with an infuriating smirk.

And things get even crazier after that.

Rook is a love and action packed stand-alone romance with roller coaster twists, jaw-dropping turns, and a heart-bursting HEA. Perfect for people who miss ALIAS and readers who love to boo and hiss at disappearing exes who show back up at your front door.





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Meet, Play, Love by Bella Michaels 



"An escapade of emotion ....With hints of humor, an abundance of temptation and handfuls of heart, Michaels, has found the perfect recipe for unforgettable." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)






Release Date: February 22, 2023

Reserve today on Amazon!





Italy was supposed to be an uncomplicated trip with the girls. 

But that was before a rainstorm, a washed-out road, and a forced overnight stay at a Sicilian vineyard. Before Gian DeLuca.

My already broken heart does not need an American marketing executive playing pool boy at Locanda del Mare for the summer. An arrogant commitment-phobe who wants to drink his way through Sicily. He was never the right man for the Eat Pray Love quest his sister sent him on, and I’m not right for him.

Besides, I’m here to sort out my future, not to get stuck in a tiny villa overnight with Gian and definitely not to help him add to his long list of Italian conquests.”

So much for uncomplicated.






#BellaMichaels #ForcedProximityRomance #VacationRomance #ContemporaryRomance #NewAdultRomance #PlayerReformed #SmallTownRomance #AlphaHero #Playboy #SlowBurn #TragicPast #Vacation #ReunitedLovers #RoadTrip #Redemption #StrandedTogether #ReturningtoHometown #OnlyOneBed #BeachRomance