Wednesday, July 25, 2018

True-Blue Cowboy (Rocky Mountain Riders, #4) by Sara Richardson


True-Blue Cowboy  - Sara Richardson


Mateo knows his way around stubborn animals, but's he clueless when it comes to feisty women. Everly is one complication he doesn't need. She is as stubborn as a mule, but as tempting as the land is rugged. A big city girl with a love for the simple life, Everly sets out to make herself happy. When that goal finds her in Colorado working on a farm, she starts to make plans. Those plans do not include bullheaded cowboys. Mateo may be easy on the eyes, but a pain in every other sense. How can she possibly be attracted to a jerk? Prepare to be charmed by True-Blue Cowboy. Richardson puts ego to the test between a firecracker of a city girl and a hard headed country boy. Who will win this call of the wild? A side-splitting, heartwarming, irresistible good time.


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