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You Only Need One

My One Series

by Lauren Connolly

Publication Date: November 14, 2018

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance





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She’s agreed to give him her kidney, but he wants her heart.


Ben Gerhard lives his days reliant on a machine to keep him alive. His kidney failure has progressed rapidly, and none of his family or friends are matches to donate. Then relief comes in the form of Holly Foster. She’s bossy, adorable, and willing to undergo surgery to save Ben. Problem is, the more time he spends around her, the more he wants her to see him as a something other than the sick guy she’s agreed to help. Holly gets Ben to share hidden parts of himself, all the while keeping him at a distance.


Holly cannot be attracted to Ben Gerhard. That’s what she tells herself repeatedly even as his charming smile, constant jokes, and soothing presence entice her to let her guard down. But anything other than a friendly relationship would put the kidney exchange at risk, and there is nothing in the world Holly wants more than to save her brother. They’ve been burned in the past, and this time needs to go smoothly. Problem is, Holly is finding that the guy whose life she’s agreed to save is becoming an integral part of her own.


If she’s not careful, he’ll take more than she’s willing to give…



About Lauren Connolly



Lauren Connolly lives in Northern Ohio at the moment, but she has a wanderer’s soul, so who knows where she’ll end up next? Librarian by day, writer by night, she is currently working on a contemporary romance series set in Philadelphia. She enjoys writing about strong, intelligent, capable women and men finding love in the modern world.


In her free time Lauren attempts to cuddle with her grumpy Cocker Spaniel, experiments with vegetarian recipes she discovers online, fills her bookshelves with more romances than she’ll ever have time to read, and takes advantage of far flung friends and family for interesting travel opportunities.



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