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Heartthrob (Hollywood Hearts, #1)


Release Date:  November 10, 2016


Can an average girl survive Hollywood?

Ally Valenti doesn’t belong in Hollywood. Not like her friend and actress, Lena Lyons. Lena’s convinced Ally to pursue her dreams of fashion design, starting with some gowns for the awards season.

Which Ally will get around to creating as soon as she can stop looking at Jacob Swan, Lena’s latest co-star. Not that she’s staring. Ally’s skeptical of anything celebrity and it’s not like she’d be pathetic enough to fall for a Hollywood heartthrob.

Then Ally learns there’s more to Jacob than his good guy, all-American persona. She finds herself torn between the desire to get to know him better and her determination to stay out of the limelight.

Of course the media has other ideas—and someone doesn’t like all the attention Ally’s getting. When threats aimed at destroying her fashion career go too far, Ally’s convinced she’s living in crazy town.

The sensible thing would be to retreat home before it all ends in spectacular fashion. But will Ally be leaving more than her dreams behind if she says goodbye to Hollywood?


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Heartthrob (Hollywood Hearts, #1)Heartthrob by Belinda Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARC Review: Heartthrob (Hollywood Hearts) by Belinda Williams

It's stories like Heartthrob that keep the fantasy alive and well for the ordinary people of the world. Heartthrob is the stuff diaries are made of. Ms. Williams take the glitzy Hollywood style of living and contrasts it with the dreams of a small town girl determined to make her dreams a reality. Like a fish out of water Ally has to learn to adapt to the big city or risk losing out on a successful career and true love. Heartthrob is my first time reading a Belinda Williams novel. Her character quickly developed a life of their own as I was swept away. Look forward to reading the next novel in this series.

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Unfortunately, no amount of warning would be adequate to prepare me for Jacob Swan in a suit. Dear God. There had to be laws against tailoring that good. The suit molded to every inch of his muscled body like it had been sculpted on. It was a dusky blue and I knew without looking it matched the color of his eyes. Even as my heart stuttered in my chest, I recognized superb tailoring when I saw it.
“Talk to me, Ally,” Lena suggested. “You’re staring.”
“Can’t help it.”
And I really couldn’t. His ensemble was perfect. Crisp white shirt, a simple matching blue tie, and brown boots. Most people would have worn a black tuxedo for an event like the Golden Globes, but not Jake. The brown boots were a perfect contrast to the blue suit and hinted at a man comfortable with himself. But I guess when you were considered the sexiest man in Hollywood, that kind of came with the territory.
“Still staring,” Lena said in a singsong voice.
“Don’t care,” I sang back.
“Makes you seem desperate,” she continued the tune, her voice heightening to a soprano.
Finally I turned to her. “I am. Desperate to know his stylist.”
Lena’s expression morphed into one of disbelief. “Are you serious?”
“Absolutely. I mean, look at the guy. Dressed to perfection.” I waved my hand in Jake's general direction, but my arm ended up hovering in mid-air as our eyes met through the crowd.
My heart continued to thump erratically in my chest, feeling as though it was about to give out completely.
Alright, so it wasn’t just his ensemble. It was him. One hundred percent pure Jake. It was those blue eyes of his. They were so alive, so expressive, a woman could drown in his gaze and enjoy the experience. They danced with amusement at me in the dim light.
To ensure my demise, he flashed me a cocky grin.

Author Info

Belinda Willliams is a marketing communications specialist and copywriter who allowed an addiction to romance and chick-lit to get the better of her. She was named a top ten finalist in the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award in both 2013 and 2014.

Her other addictions include music and cars. Belinda’s eclectic music taste forms the foundation of many of her writing ideas and her healthy appreciation for fast cars means she would not so secretly love a Lamborghini. For now she’ll have to settle with her son’s Hot Wheels collection and writing hot male leads with sports cars.
Belinda lives in Sydney and blogs regularly about writing and reading at www.belindawilliamsbooks.com.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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