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One fateful misstep for Gayla Levine was all it took for her once-adoring fiancé to walk away and her demanding father to disown her. Determined to finally turn her life around and embrace her newfound independence, she wants nothing to do with men or relationships—until she meets Dan Newman, a sexy surgeon who sends a shock of electricity through her every time they touch.

Dan Newman has spent his life struggling to overcome his own crippling past by devoting himself to healing others who have suffered. Now a world-class surgeon, he’s confident in his ability to face anything life throws at him—until he meets a headstrong Texas beauty who has his pulse racing and fills his dreams with impossibly sensual visions.

As they fall into a passionate romance that takes them both to the burning edges of pleasure, these two damaged souls must both confront their darkest demons. Because Gayla is haunted by the echoes of being called a failure and torn by the fear that she’ll be rejected once again, and Dan, who has proved his worth to so many others, now must convince himself and Gayla that they deserve the powerful love they’ve found.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Dallas Heat.


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Rescuing an Angel (The Oil Barons Book 4)Rescuing an Angel by Ann Jacobs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rescuing an Angel (The Oil Barons #4) by Ann Jacobs

Reviewed for Candid Book Reviews

Rescuing an Angel is a story of courage, inner strength and acceptance. This was my favorite story out of the entire Oil Barons Series. Gayla has been beating herself up for years with guilt, self-doubt, regret and heartache over one moment that lead her down a treacherous path. Having finally found the peace of mind to forgive herself for something that was not her fault and move on with her life after years of anger and self-abuse was a remarkable feat. Dan is someone who has a good heart but has had to push himself harder than others because of his own physical struggles. Dan and Gayla found each other at the right time. They needed something to believe in and someone to believe in them. There are not many times when I get angry while reading a story but this one had me that way. Ann Jacobs did a wonderful job of showing the ugliness of self-absorbed idiots that believe themselves superior to a that is weaker. It galled me that Gayla did her best and when she needed the people she counted on most to stand behind her, encourage her and guide her they threw her out like yesterday's trash. That is what lead her down the path she took but it also made her a better person. Dan traveled a hard road but it was one of self-discovery that proved rewarding.

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A new book in Ann Jacobs’s Oil Barons series, for anyone looking for romance as big as the Texas sky.

When Kate Black was forced to choose between staying with her stubborn fiancé and caring for her ailing father, she chose to return to her father and the land where she felt most rooted. But saving her father’s land means making the difficult decision to lease it to an oil company, and the ruggedly handsome man running the operation. The one who makes her breath hitch and awakens a sensual need Kate never even knew existed.

Jake Green has oil in his blood, along with a Texas-sized chip on his shoulder. Following his ex-wife’s betrayal, he swore off women and dedicated his life to growing his family’s business. But when his job leads him to Kate, he can’t deny the fiery attraction that burns between them and indulges his desires, even as he fights to protect his tortured heart.

As the two surrender to an unquenchable passion and discover undeniable pleasures in each other’s arms, Kate must find a way to heal Jake’s heart—and Jake must admit to himself that a love like none he’s ever known is about to consume them completely.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Firestorm.


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Texas Fire (The Oil Barons Book 5)Texas Fire by Ann Jacobs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Texas Fire (The Oil Barons #5) by Ann Jacobs

Reviewed for Candid Book Reviews

The relationship between Jake and Kate proved to be as fiery and turbulent as the rugged terrain. Kate was a character that I admired. She took back her life after a disastrous relationship, a tragic loss and an uncertain future. All these events made her determined to be stronger and succeed no matter the obstacle. Jake considers himself an island. He stands alone. Don't trust, don't feel, can't get hurt. His savage attraction to Kate makes that hard to do. Texas Fire fans the flames of passion but it is also a story of courage, faith and love. I loved it and would recommend it to any lover of sultry romance.

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When Shana Green first revealed her deepest fantasy to “Bear” Dahoud, he not only indulged her sensual yearnings but fulfilled her every desire, and the two fell madly in love. But once they were married and settled into his villa on the Persian Gulf, Bear grew progressively more distant and left Shana hungry for more. Deciding she could no longer tolerate his prolonged absences and emotional distance, Shana took her broken heart and returned to her Texas home.

Bear, still desperately in love with Shana, is stunned by her departure and desperate to end the growing emptiness in his heart. Realizing that the only true love he has ever had is in jeopardy, he decides the only way to win her back is to recreate the magic of their first passionate days together.

Surprising Shana in Texas, he sweeps her away and vows to hold her captive as long as necessary until she is his once again. And even as the damage of their separation threatens to break them apart for good, he indulges Shana and himself in every imaginable pleasure, waging a sensual battle to reclaim the love of the one woman who once and always captured his heart.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Forever Enslaved.


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Promises Lost (The Oil Barons Book 3)Promises Lost by Ann Jacobs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Promises Lost (The Oil Barons #3) by Ann Jacobs

Reviewed for Candid Book Reviews

I first had the chance to meet "Bear" and Shana when I picked up a copy of Capture Me. The dramatic lovers who overcame doubt, prejudice and background to create a love that conquered every obstacle. Every romantic hopes and prays for that type of love. When I learned about Promises Lost, I was so eager to catch up with these two. I was floored that after fighting to come together they were on the verge of losing it all. Once again these two had to find the way back to each other despite all the odds. Ann Jacobs took a couple that was at the breaking point and created a story that was worthy of this couple. In order to mend the broken, they had to risk it all and journey back to the start .
I received a copy of Promises Lost in exchange for an honest review and enjoyed reconnecting with this dynamic duo.

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Erin Winters has struggled ever since the accident that took her husband’s life and left her young son seriously injured. Desperate to get her son the surgery he needs, she agrees to become a surrogate mother. But when the wife dies unexpectedly, Erin is suddenly faced with the demands of the grieving husband and carrying a child she has come to think of as her own.

Blake Tanner had it all—marriage to a woman he adored, a successful career as a lawyer, and a child on the way. Now, tormented by his loss and overwhelmed by the prospect of single fatherhood, Blake comes up with a solution that might be his final undoing.

In the hopes that he can give his child the life he deserves, he asks Erin and her son to live with him. In exchange, he will provide them both with all the advantages a wealthy Texan has to offer. It’s a simple financial arrangement that makes perfect sense to Blake, until the grief that marks his days is slowly replaced by the glimmer of hope, and desire, the beautiful woman stirs in him.

As Erin and Blake surrender to the powerful sensual force that neither can ignore, the two must help each other overcome their anguish and dare to build a new life, and love, together.

This is a fully revised edition of a book previously published as Heaven Above and Another Love.


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The Closer We Get (The Oil Barons Book 2)The Closer We Get by Ann Jacobs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Closer We Get (The Oil Barons #2) by Ann Jacobs

Reviewed for Candid Book Reviews

When I hear the name Ann Jacobs I picture stories that are steamy and will singe your clothes off. In my eyes The Closer We Get just would not have been a true Ann Jacobs book without sex appeal. What I did not expect is a story that consists of the lengths a mother will go to in order to take care of her son. She will risk her heart, body and give her very soul to help her sick child. Along the way she learns a lesson about the power of love, the ability to trust and discovers that her self-sacrificing spirit may not only heal her son but lead her to her very own happily every after. Not the typical Ann Jacobs story but just as rewarding. Received a copy of The Closer We Get in exchange for an honest review.

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For Shana Green it’s true that everything really is bigger in Texas, including her erotic fantasies. Shana has always fantasized about being taken by a wealthy sheikh as his harem love slave, something she never imagined could come true. Then she meets Dahoud “Bear” el Rashid. Instantly, she knows the ruggedly handsome Arab is a dream come true—until she realizes that following her dream may mean giving up the Texas home she loves so much.

Bear is entranced by the strikingly beautiful Shana, and when she reveals the fun private yearning that only he can satisfy, he’s thrilled to indulge in one hot final fling before he settles in Kuwait permanently to run his family’s oil business. But when desire turns to devotion, Bear has to choose between the woman he loves and a family that is sure to disown him.

As their passion burns and parting becomes impossible, Shana and Bear must struggle to bridge the gap between their two cultures and build a love that truly knows no borders.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally published as Love Slave.


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Capture Me (The Oil Barons Book 1)Capture Me by Ann Jacobs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Capture Me By Ann Jacobs was certainly hot and steamy. For that It received an A+, but where was the rest of the story? I think it needed more than just sex. This book needed an engrossing story as well. Capture Me was a good story that could have been better. Received a copy of this book for an honest review.

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About AuthorAnn Jacobs

First published in 1996, Jacobs has sold close to fifty books and novellas. SANDSTORMS was a 2007 nominee for the prestigious ROMANTIC TIMES Reviewers' Choice award for best erotic romance. Her books have earned awards including the Passionate Plume (best novella, 2006, second place contemporary, 2008), the Desert Rose (best hot and spicy romance, 2004) and More Than Magic (best erotic romance, 2004). She has been a double finalist in separate categories of the EPPIES and From the Heart RWA Chapter’s contest. Three of her books have been translated and sold in several European countries.

A CPA and former hospital financial manager, Jacobs now writes full-time, with the help of Mr. Blue, the family cat who sometimes likes to perch on the back of her desk chair and lend his sage advice. He sometimes even contributes a few random letters when he decides he wants to try out the keyboard. (Most of the time Blue just curls up, hides his eyes with his paws...and sleeps!)

Ann Jacobs is the author of more than one hundred romance novels, novellas, and short stories, including the Oil Barons series, the d’Argent Honor Vampire series, and the Gridiron Lovers series, among others. She lives in Tampa with her own personal hero, her youngest son, a sometimes neglected orchid collection, and four very spoiled and much-loved cats. She loves hearing from readers and tries to meet as many fans as possible at one or more conferences each year. You can read more about Ann at

Twitter: annjacobs

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