Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sweet and Sassy in the Snow: Find Your Winter Romance! by Mona Risk, Natalie Ann, Rachelle Ayala, Susan Jean Ricci, Aileen Fish, Nancy Radke, Jen Talty, Alicia Street


Sweet and Sassy in the Snow: Find Your Winter Romance! - Mona Risk, Jen Talty, Aileen Fish, Alicia Street, Rachelle Ayala, Nancy Radke, Susan Jean Ricci, Natalie Ann



With so many great authors it's hard to stop at reading more than one at a time. There is something to love about each and every story. Sweet and Sassy is an adventure encased in romantic, suspenseful and heartwarming emotion. From classic romance to dangerous acquaintances and tempting attraction, this box set has something for all lovers of fiction.

Mona Risk makes you laugh until you want to cry with Through the Blizzard. (4.5 stars)

Gage (Bad Boys for Hire) by Rachelle Ayala - Ayala continues to amaze me with how in tune her fictional world is with our real one.a bit bolder than the previous books within the Bad Boy's for Hire series, however no less entertaining. Just more food for the soul. (4 stars)

Courage Dares by Nancy Radke - Dive into danger with an edge of the seat, thriller. (4 stars)

Nightshade by Jen Talty- Sets out to intrigue, but instead up making you think. (4 stars)

Star, Love and Pirouettes by Alicia Street - Street brings the emotion in a tale of heartbreak that proves to be a guessing game until the very end. (4 star)

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