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This reverse harem dragon shifter romance is extra hot!

Singed by Misty Malloy releases on February 11th!







Four hunky dragon shifter mates can be a lot to handle.


I’d always thought one guy in bed was enough. Now I have four. All the extra pleasure may be more than I bargained for...but it's so good.


On top of that, the orestaia–the fertility stone–is completely inactive. Guess who gets to figure out how to heal it? That’s right. Me.


My plan of action is a bit fuzzy. Actually, really fuzzy. All I know is I’m supposed to head out to the red rocks and blue skies of Sedona to locate the infamous Dragon Oracle.


And if I can't find her? Well, then everyone gets screwed. My sister stays sick. A sleazy oil tycoon keeps breathing fire down my neck. And pretty much all dragon procreation ends.


All of my hopes and dreams for a baby and a family can go straight out the window, too. See you later, dragon race.


I have to heal the orestaia. All of our futures are in my hands. No big deal. Right?


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