Saturday, April 27, 2019

Winning Back the Princess (Royal Secrets #7) by Lindzee Armstrong


Winning Back the Princess (Royal Secrets #7)   - Lindzee Armstrong



In order to move forward there are moments we have to look back. Experiencing the painful is what gives the courage to move on. In Winning Back the Princess, Armstrong takes that knowledge and builds a whole story around it. For Charlotte and Adam ended before they could begin. She gave him her heart and he broke it. Adam never wanted love, only to have fun. For Charlotte moving on is a necessity. Her role as a Princess keeps her busy. Yet, when the past invades her present, it will take more than a busy schedule to shield her heart. Especially when the man who threw away her love, now wants it back. I love stories that feature women of strength. Armstrong read my mind, when she dreamed up Princess Charlotte.

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