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Busted Steel is coming for you on January 1st! This is Brisa’s book and is an age gap stand alone romance.
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She’s the forbidden fruit, and I’m her dirty fantasy.
Four years ago, she kissed me. She said she was nineteen. She wasn’t even close. To make it even worse, she’s daddy’s little princess.
Then, a year ago, I was hired to head a security team for her out-of-control younger sister while on a world tour with the band Foreplay. I vowed to stay away from her, becoming a shadow in the dark whenever she was around.
Now she’s been hired to photograph her sister’s sixty-day honeymoon, all around the world.
She’s not a little girl anymore. She makes damn sure I notice that, too. But I’m still the same man.
Falling is not an option. However, each day, she’s making it harder and harder to avoid.
I promised myself not to break her heart, yet mine lies in busted pieces all over the world.
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Join us for the release events for Rebel Roommate: Aquarius, a sexy new zodiac themed romance by Jeannine Colette and Lauren Runow! 

Blurb Reveal – Dec 30
Cover Reveal- Jan 6
ARC – January 6
Teasers: Dec 22, 29 Jan 5, 12
RELEASE – Wednesday, January 20

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Growing up, I had one rule: Stay away from my brother's best friend.

It was easy to follow. I spent my years avoiding the boys on the baseball team, studying hard, and saving every dime I could. When I was accepted to transfer into UC Berkeley, my brother had a free room off-campus and I needed a place to stay.

Win-win, right? Except, that best friend I was determined to stay away from is my new roommate.

My very naughty, very rebel roommate, Wesley Knight.

The boy who was once the bane of my existence with his constant teasing is now a drop-dead gorgeous athlete. He's the life of the party, but I can't have fun. According to Wes, no guys are to talk to me.

Well, two can play at this game. If I can’t date then neither can he.

It started off as innocent fun. Some half-naked yoga, innocent flirting, until an interrupted moment of self-gratification turned things dangerous...for my body and my heart.

Not only for us but when it comes to my brother too. Living with my brother and his best friend has me breaking all the rules. I just have to decide if the consequences are worth the reward.

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