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She’s the last person he’d ever date.

But now she’s all he wants.


The Alphahole's Guide to Marrying The Enemy, a hilarious, best friend’s little sister, enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract romantic comedy from Piper Marlowe, is now available!


The Brooklyn warehouse is filled with graffiti and pigeon poo. It’s practically begging to be converted into luxury loft apartments.

And yet, will my mother sell it to me, her only son, the investment wunderkind?


“Darling, buildings have souls,” she says, between sips of green juice.

“Show me that you’re on the path to spiritual wellness, and I’ll give it to you.”


Enter Sydney Taylor, my best friend’s little sister, spiritually well enough for even my mother’s past selves to approve of, and my least favorite person on earth…in this life or any of the others I’ve supposedly lived. I wouldn’t date her if she was the last woman on earth. I’ve repeatedly fantasized about shipping her to Mars.


Instead, I marry her.


I know, I know, my crew has quite the history with phony relationships, but this one’s different.

No matter what my mother sees in our auras.

Or how much I want to hate-boink her maddeningly sweet little...


Yep, once my mother signs over that building, I’m definitely going to walk away from this hot-fakery totally unscathed.

And if you buy that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


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About Piper Marlowe


Piper Marlowe is an absolute legend, if you know where to look. And trust us, you don’t.

For national security reasons, her identity is a secret. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance that at this very moment, she’s undercover, speaking with a bad Lithuanian accent to a bunch of shady characters. She can neither confirm nor deny that she’s writing ultra-fun, uber-witty, hot-darn-sexy romance to distract from the stress of her current clandestine operation.

Or maybe romance writing is the cover for a cover?

She could tell you, but then she’d have to . . . you know. That.


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