Monday, August 7, 2017

His For Five Nights (Barrington Billionaires) by Jeannette Winters

His For Five Nights: Barrington Billionaire's Series: Book Five - Jeannette Winters

The mysteries run deep. The darkness runs cold and the guilt knows no bounds. His for Five Nights explores the evil that we're all afraid to face but definitely know exists. Ms. Winters takes readers to the edge with her hot button subject and her heartbreaking characters. Ziva is a huntress, a heroine in the making. Her fear has made her stronger, guilt has made her fearless and heart has made her determined. Alex has questions that could rip apart his world or heal the people he loves. In no way is His for Five Nights for the faint of heart. Like the characters that lived it, the mind behind this tale has a grit that is unstoppable. Powerfully gripping tale of courage and hope delivered with love. 
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