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#LaborOfLove Book+Main 

18 authors have joined together to share their 'labor of love' this weekend. You can find these bites two ways ➤
 Follow this link to find a list of participating bites and enter to win a $75 AMAZON GIFT CARD.

Log onto your Book+Main reader account, search for #LaborOfLove to see all the bites
Make sure to follow them while you are there:
Melanie Moreland, Claudia Y. Burgoa, Author Krista Sandor, Grahame Claire, Maya Hughes, Author Mandi Beck, Adriana Locke, S L Scott, Author Stephanie Rose, Bethany Lopez , Willow Winters, B. Cranford, Vanessa Fewings, Mae Wood, SE Rose Author, Ashley Hastings Books, Samantha Lind and Claire Kingsley

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