Wednesday, August 28, 2019

One Night to Forever Box Set (#1-4) by Melissa McClone


One Night to Forever Box Set (#1-4) - Melissa McClone




There's a smile hidden inside of every Melissa McClone novel. Behind all the crazy happenings and the clueless characters is a heartwarming story that delivers valuable lessons on life and love.


Fiance for the Night is sweet and sassy. Troy and Cassandra add a hint of sexy drizzled in humor. McClone takes a common place theme and makes it feel brand new with a delightful portrayal of a relationship of convenience. Both authors and author lighten your heart and uplift the spirit. Another winner has just been born.

A Little Bit Engaged makes complicated, simply irresistible and wildly entertaining. Brody and Cara find themselves in over their heads when a scandal disrupts their lives. Can these old friends keep their sanity while protecting their emotions from the fallout? As long as she writes, McClone will continue to be a one-click for me.


Love on the Slopes - Letting go of the past means taking control of the future. How is that possible when the past you're trying to forget refuses to allow you to move on? To err is human. To forgive is hard. Love on the Slopes is about learning to forgive. McClone speeds full - throttle into the pain of heartache and the power of forgiveness. Brynn and Ryland have history. Each thought they had moved on, but their heart's had other plans. Their path is a journey that blends sweet and sour. Can they turn bitterness into a forever kind of love?

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