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Every Time I Fall by Lexi Ryan is releasing April 13, 2021!

"Every Time I Fall brings a sensuality to a deeply moving duo of characters. Abbi and Dean push emotions to the limit with relatable angst and inspiring images of self worth. Ryan proves that true beauty doesn't have to be perfect, just real." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

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New York Times bestselling author Lexi Ryan brings you Every Time I Fall, a sexy standalone romance about a woman learning to love herself and the guy who's loved her all along.

He's my brother's best friend.

The hot guy with the heart of gold I've never let myself want.

Guys like Dean don't go for girls like me.

Curvy. Thick. A big girl. Whatever label you put on it, I know who I am and what it means. And that's fine. I'm content to be Dean's buddy and nothing more.

Or so I thought. When Dean finds out about my bedroom issues and decides to help me fix them, everything changes.

He swears there's no such thing as "bad in bed" and pleasure is all about chemistry. I'm not convinced, but he intends to prove it. With his mouth. With his body. With his dirty texts and whispered promises.

I know from the first kiss that I'm going to fall hard. That this can't last, and the end might break me. But, for these days with Dean, all the hurt might be worth it.

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His Royal Plan by Jodie Larson is releasing April 15, 2021!

"Forever can be a dangerous word when it comes to matters of the heart. Larson turns a journey of love into an intriguing tidal wave of emotion.  From broken hearts to tempting desire, breathtaking twists will have you booked in no time." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

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How did my life spin this out of control?

What was meant to be the trip of a lifetime has devolved into utter heartbreak.

The man I thought I was falling in love with believes the worst of me, thanks in part to his scheming mother--the evil queen.

It seems as though her sole mission is to tear us apart, and she's using every dirty trick in the book.

Lies, deceit, subterfuge...this isn't what I signed up for. I don't care about the title or the prestige.

All I want is Luke.

How fitting that another lie is what I'm told will save us. My prince says he has a plan in place. To be patient. To wait.

But I'm not sure my heart can take much more.  

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