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Saved by Colleen Charles releases on April 13th!



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I'm in love with my best friend...

Like all sad stories, mine begins with Johnnie Walker Red, bad decisions...
And a dick pic.

During a wild night, my teammates start goofing around. Riding me about my childhood crush, Cora.

I love my sweet, smart Cora with all my heart. Since catching fireflies in a mason jar. Since holding hands behind the jungle gym. Since forever.

If I put my heart on the line, she might reject me and shatter it into a million pieces.

It would be over before it even had a chance.

But with one press of a button, her entire knitting circle sees my junk.

Even her grandma.

But they don't know it's me in that filthy picture. Whew. Crisis averted.

Until Cora figures out the truth.

Now one silly mistake just might take away my one chance with the woman who holds my heart in the palm of her hand.
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