Sunday, December 3, 2023


TMI by Leslie McAdam, Rachel Ember and JE Birk is available now!

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Two firefighters. One twink. Can an evil twin, a small-town holiday competition, and revealed secrets bring them together?

I returned to Vermont to write an article about Mayor Doug McEmbirk and his town’s battle to win their local Holiday-Off. Even before I knew him, I had a crush on him. Because have you seen the man? OMG. With his big biceps and easy charm, Doug’s straight out of my firefighter fantasies. But I wasn’t planning on my inconvenient attraction to his scowly, grumpy roommate, Zeke, who’s the identical twin of my high school bully. That’s… messy.

Life gets even messier when Zeke confesses to the entire town that he’s bisexual—and that he’s been in love with Doug for years. Problem is, Doug’s straight.

Or is he?

Now, I’m on a mission to bring these two hot men together. I volunteer my services as a love coach, because these burly guys can’t even kiss without my assistance. Except both men seem to be into me as well. This is one confusing holiday season.

Things only get more complicated when meddling newspaper editors and kidnapped cows become involved. Not to mention some accidental texts and eggnog-fueled confessions. Will Zeke, Doug, and I be able to navigate our newfound feelings? Or is this relationship as doomed as the Holiday-Off competition appears to be?

TMI is a holiday m/m/m romance that includes a grandma-chic house, lots of cheer, and many OTT fantasies. It stars Max, a journalist without a filter, Zeke, a grumbly Viking pirate, and Doug, a himbo mayor who makes excellent cinnamon rolls. Cameos from Sherbert and the guys from ILYBSM included. HEA guaranteed.


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