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"Just One Chance grabs hold of the emotions with soulful accuracy. Mitchell and Gwyneth are caught in the middle of heartbreaking betrayal, tumultuous feelings and irresistible romance. A Cinderella story that exposes the heart." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

Release Date: December 19, 2023

Entangled in a web of political challenges, billionaire widower Mitchell Baron, a powerful senator with a heart of gold, finds himself once again crossing paths with the quiet, ugly duckling Gwyneth Van Klein. Under the strict thumb of her demanding mother, Gwyneth is destined for a life she never chose—until fate intervenes.

Dive into this Cinderella tale of unexpected transformation and enduring love in this must-read installment set in the rolling hills of Texas ranch country with all the fun and shenanigans you’ve come to love and expect from USA Today Bestselling author Chris Keniston.

USA Today bestselling author Chris Keniston is back with another page turning series set in the rolling hills of Texas Ranch country. Meet the Barons; handsome, beautiful, smart, ambitious, and did we mention wealthy? If you love big families, fast cars, romance, and puppies, then join us at Paradise Ridge, but be warned, once you fall in love with the Barons of Texas, you may never want to leave.

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Just One Chance (Billionaire Barons of Texas, #7)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Cinderella story that exposes the heart. Just One Chance grabs hold of the emotions with soulful accuracy. Keniston gives love a new beginning with the drama of life determined to get in the way. Mitchell and Gwyneth are caught in the middle of heartbreaking betrayal, tumultuous feelings and irresistible romance.



Fall in love with my enemy? No way.

Marry him to save my family’s struggling ski resort? That’s a different story…

Make-Believe Match by @melanie_harlow is now LIVE!


Narrated byRobert Hatchet and CJ Bloom

Release DateNovember 20, 2023

Fall in love with my enemy? No way.

Marry him to save my family’s struggling ski resort? That’s a different story…

Getting hitched is the only way I can inherit Snowberry Lodge, and I’ll do anything to spare my childhood home from the wrecking ball–even wear Devlin Buckley’s ring on my finger.

Not that I’ll enjoy it.

Sure, he’s charming and handsome, and that no-last-names one night stand we shared ended with a fantastically big bang (I saw stars I hadn’t seen in six months, if you catch my drift).

But I’ll never trust him–he was working for the company trying to bulldoze my life.

Right up until the day he knocked on my door with an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Marry him, and he’ll help me restore my family’s crumbling resort to its former glory–and get revenge on his ex-boss in the process. Once our goals are achieved, we’ll go our separate ways.

It’s temporary. Strictly business. Purely for show.

Until I realize how much I like it when he says "my wife."

Once we’re sharing a last name–and a bed–our make-believe match starts to feel a little too real.

And if I’m not careful, I could lose everything… my home, my dreams, and my heart.

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Narrated byRobert Hatchet and CJ Bloom

Make-Believe Match (Cherry Tree Harbor, #3)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Harlow brings the funny to a tempestuous chance encounter. With humorous delivery and heartfelt emotion, Devlin and Lexi are brought to life by Robert Hatchet and CJ Bloom. Make-Believe Match ticks all the right boxes of romance. From the charming to the frustrating to the tempting, there is no turning back once you lend your heart and ears to the residents of Cherry Tree Harbor.

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We are excited to share a teaser from THE GRUMPY BOSS AGREEMENT by @vivianwoodwrites.






Grumpy sunshine

Boss-personal assistant

Opposites attract

Single dad

Jilted groom

Heroine with heart of gold

Praise/good girl



Cole Bennett is sexy as hell and rich as sin.
Too bad my new employer is also grumpy as all get out.
Can my sunny attitude can break through his hard shell?

My new boss Cole Bennett is the sexiest billionaire I've ever laid eyes on.

He's juggling his single dad status with signing multi-million dollar deals.

He has the bluest eyes… and the attitude of a sullen kid with money to burn.

But damn if Mr. Gloom and Doom isn't the grumpiest guy I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I’m just a broke girl with a sunny disposition that gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Be Cole’s personal assistant. Do everything he wants, when he wants it.

I need money to move out of my house so I eagerly agree…

But he’s such an irritable pr**k that I have no choice but to cheer him up.

I want to brighten his life a little. Remind him there are good things in this world.

He resists my sunny charms at every turn... but I see him watching me.

I know that beneath his spiteful veneer lies a sexy, passionate lover.

He wants me. Now it's a game to see how long he can hold out before he breaks


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We are excited to announce the blurb for POSSESSIVE HEART by Brighton Walsh releasing on FEB 1st!


About the book - 

I’m her brother's best friend, and for the past ten years, I've also been Addison McKenzie’s dirty little secret.

My pro-hockey player lifestyle kept me from her, but I thought we had a good thing going. Burning up the sheets whenever I visited home worked well for us.

Or so I thought.

When a season-ending injury sends me back to Starlight Cove, I find out she thinks of me as nothing more than a mistake.

She’s trying her hardest to ignore my presence, but being snowed in together is making that difficult.

So is sharing a bed.

Old habits die hard, and it’s no surprise we fall right back into each other. Undeniable chemistry was never our problem, though. Making it last in the real world was.

But I’ve been in love with Addison for years. And I have no intention of giving up on us now.

You will love it if you love 

Brother’s best friend
Pro hockey hero
Second Chance
Only one bed
Reverse grumpy sunshine
Forced proximity
Fun on a Zamboni
Secret tattoos
It’s always been you
Toys as teammates
No third act breakup
Snowed in
Small town
Secret relationship
She falls first; he falls harder


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I might have been stupid enough to lose her once, but I'm definitely not going to do it again.
Marnie Matthews is about to become the biggest achievement of my life.

The Shake Off by Lulu Moore is releasing December 20th! To celebrate release week you can download book one, The Third Baseman, now for just $2.99!

Download your copy today!
Amazon Worldwide:

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Wild For You by Kristen Proby is releasing in audio January 30th!

Pre-order your copy today!

Narrated by: Sebastian York & Emma Wilder

From New York Times Bestselling author Kristen Proby comes WILD FOR YOU, the first in her new small town series, The Wilds of Montana. 

This single dad/nanny romance features the oldest Wild brother, Remington Wild and Erin Montgomery. 

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One night would never be enough...

Irresistible Rogue by Jaine Diamond is available now in audio!

Start listening today!

Irresistible Rogue is an angsty and suspenseful enemies-with-benefits romance, featuring a mysterious alpha antihero, an inexperienced heroine on the verge of a steamy awakening, and a one night stand that ignites an all-consuming mutual obsession.

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Something like Lust by Piper Rayne is now available in audio with duet narration!

"Something Like Lust is the type of heartbreak you can't put down." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

Start listening today!
Narrated by: Aiden Snow & Stella Hunter

Something like Lust is a one-night stand gone wrong, football, sports romance story.

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