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Gold by Adele Huxley is LIVE!




Title: Gold


Author: Adele Huxley


Publication Date: Jan 30 2018


Cover Designer: T.E. Black Designs


Genre: Action-Adventure, Mystery, Suspense




Perfect if you love: Hate-to-love, sarcasm, adrenaline action, unpredictable twists, complex relationships, the Olympics, and romance series!




Ending: Happily For Now (Series concludes in Platinum - Dangerous Games 4)




A fight for survival




Ambushed. Attacked. Kidnapped. Penny, Phoenix, and the others are held hostage in a freezing barn. Their chances of escape are slim, slimmer still if Penny can’t figure out who she can trust. 




Penny didn’t come to the Unity Games to make friends, yet the ambush back at the Lodge stung to the core. Unwilling to blow her cover, she’s ready to put some distance between her and Phoenix’s accusing eyes. Figures he’d be the one the kidnappers tie her to. 




Phoenix isn’t having a good week. Heartbroken, scared, and now held hostage. Their only hope of getting out alive is intrinsically tied to trust. Can he believe her? Can she let him in? Will they break through their issues before the kidnapping turns deadly?



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Gold (Dangerous Games, #3)Gold by Adele Huxley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With each novel Ms. Huxley amps up the suspense. Bronze was a chance for readers to get their feet wet as they got the lay of the land. Silver was right on the edge of the intrigue and Gold thrusts readers into the abyss of danger. Dangerous Games is about more than solving a mystery. It's about not judging a person based on public opinion. It's about risking your heart and even your well being to protect the people you love and lastly, it's a chance to discover the traits that make a person more than just a gifted athlete, a pretty face or a dangerous foe. Gold is the climax to a ride that has been an emotionally challenging maze of puzzles but a delightful experience. A smartly written, change of pace for me.

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Adele Huxley writes romantic suspense, thrillers, and lots of other things that make your heart race. With a BA in creative writing, Adele has been writing her entire life. She loves to travel, has lived in several countries and states, and splits her time between the US and the UK.




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