Thursday, September 14, 2023



Missed Connections
Modern twist on the Cinderella fairytale 
One Night Stand
Small Town

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Twenty years ago I had the best night of my life. He was a musician passing through town and I was the naive college student who fell for his charm. We talked for hours, he made my body come alive, and in the early morning when he left, he promised to call.
Spoiler alert. He never did. 
Wilder was the first man to show me fairytales or happily ever afters don’t exist. Every man I’ve loved since has only confirmed it. 
I’m tired of giving my heart away and being met with disappointment. I need a break from everything. Which is how I end up in the Arizona mountains on a two week vacation. 
The last person I expect to see in this small town is him. 
It doesn’t matter that decades have passed or that his face is devoid of the smile burned into my memory, I’d recognize this man anywhere. 
Only, he doesn’t remember me. Not when he’s kind of an ass, and not when he follows me out to my car to apologize, and especially not when he offers to take me to dinner.
I should say no. Hell, I should tell him to get lost. But instead, I give him my number . . . along with a fake name. There’s no harm in having a little fun. Besides, it’s not as if I’m going to fall in love. Only a fool would make that mistake twice. 



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