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Brutal Secret by @LaurelinPaige is now available!! Set in an intriguing world of billionaires, power, and scandal, Brutal Secret is a complete standalone forbidden, age-gap, forced proximity romance.



It was supposed to be one night. Now he's obsessed. 


When my one-night-stand turns into an all-time-fail, I vow not to tell anyone about the much older hottie who walked out on me mid-deed. (On my twenty-first birthday, no less.)


Too bad I bump into my almost lover at my mother’s wedding a few months later.


That's when I discover he’s none other than Reid Sebastian—my new step cousin and the billionaire son of my step-dad’s rival. Which means he’s my rival, too, obviously. 


While I thought he was cruel before, he's become obsessed with torturing me. And because we're family, he's always around. 


Now we're playing a brutal game that neither of us can possibly win. 


But I have a secret—the more we play the more I want him. Even if it means we both lose everything.



Brutal Secret is a complete standalone forbidden, age-gap, forced proximity romance set in an intriguing world of billionaires, power, and scandal. While it is recommended to read Brutal Billionaire first for best reading experience, it isn’t necessary to thoroughly enjoy the story.


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We are excited to celebrate HER WICKED ROGUE by Scarlett Scott is LIVE!


Archer Tierney has devoted his life to becoming one of the most powerful men in London. He’s cutthroat and merciless to anyone who crosses him and ruthless in his determination to always maintain the upper hand over friends and foes alike. There’s no situation he can’t control, no battle he can’t win. Until one fierce woman enters his carefully guarded world, leaving danger and desire in her wake, and bringing Archer to his knees.

Princess Anastasia St. George has lived beneath the tyrannical influence of her villainous uncle for ten long years. Her quest to find her exiled brother, the rightful heir to the throne, leads her directly to Archer Tierney. He’s cold, he’s calculated, he’s handsome as the devil. And there’s something about him she just can’t resist.

When the desperate princess offers him priceless crown jewels in exchange for helping to find her long-lost brother, Archer accepts. It’s her second, far-more-sinful proposition and its infinitely appealing reward, however, that tempts him most. But Anastasia is about to enter an arranged marriage, and a future between a wicked rogue and a royal princess is impossible. Even if Archer’s foolishly stubborn heart tells him otherwise…

Heat Scorching hot! Don't say you weren't warned.

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We are excited to celebrate EVERETTE by Ruth Cardello is LIVE!

"Shelby and Everette's journey is one of heartache, healing and hope. Despite the mileage of life, the heart shines through. Everette gives the soul a nice spit shine and leaves behind a mesmerizing afterglow." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)


Driverton’s sweetest man is on a mission to become a hero.

After graduating from “Bradford’s School for Sobriety and Success,” AKA months of military style, intense physical and mental training, Everette Morin is saving lives. Joining forces with both Bradford Wilson and Cooper Landon, Everette is locating, retrieving, and returning missing children.

Shelby Adams is reeling from the loss of her parents and a breakup with someone who’d promised to always be there for: she’s hit rock bottom.

She’s not looking for a man—not even a big, strong one with an amazing smile and the ability to make her laugh.

It’ll take the whole Driverton crew to lift her up, turn her life around, and show her that sometimes even heroes need saving.



Everette: Driverton 1 (The Barrington Billionaires Book 13)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
What I love most about a Ruth Cardello character is that every soul has an endearing glow. Despite the mileage of life, the heart shines through. At the center of every novel is love, in all it's glory. Everette exudes that beautiful trait. Shelby and Everette's journey is one of  heartache, healing and hope. Book 1 in the Driverton series gives the soul a nice spit shine and leaves behind a mesmerizing afterglow.

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