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We are excited to celebrate REMEMBERING PASSION by Aleatha Romig is LIVE!



Damien Sinclair is a force of nature, the beauty of a sunset over the ocean while capable of devastating hurricane-strength winds. At one time, he’d held my heart in his hands. That was until the day I walked away.

I didn’t leave him because I didn’t love him. It was that loving him was too much, an all-encompassing affair. In his presence, I failed to exist.

For two years, I worked to build a life free from Damien’s irresistible pull. I succeeded until one fate-filled afternoon I found myself seated by his side for a long flight. Unbelievably, we were headed to the same destination. His sinfully charming smile, charisma, and devilish smirk reminded me of all we’d shared.

  • Attraction.

  • Desire.

  • Passion.

Forgetting him had been agony.

Will I survive remembering?

Have you been Aleatha’d?

The Sinclair Duet is a scorching hot, second-chance romance filled with the suspense and intrigue you’ve come to expect from New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

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We are thrilled to share a teaser for P.S. I’M STILL YOURS by @eliahgreenwood releasing 9/22!



Second Chance

Childhood Best friends-to-lovers


Superstar Romance


It all started with the worst day of my life.

He waltzed into that church like it hadn’t been years.

Like he’d never taken my first kiss and hopped on a plane, chasing a dream we’d built together.

But the boy who caught fireflies with me is long gone.

He’s famous now.

Filthy rich.


His mom thinks he needs to reconnect with his roots after his latest PR disaster.

That spending some time at the beach house where we vacationed as kids will set his mind straight.

And the real kicker? She’s invited my recently homeless family to join.

They say I’ll learn to forgive him in the next three months. After all, time heals all wounds—even the ones caused by green-eyed celebrities.

Spoiler alert: they’re wrong.

Kane Wilder might have the hearts of millions.

But he’ll never have mine…

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We are thrilled to share a teaser from DON'T BE SCARED by AJ Merlin releasing late September!


Every town has a history.

Ours is just a little bit darker than most.

For years I’ve celebrated Halloween and Hollow Bridge’s history with everyone else who lives here. Parades, festivals, and insane Halloween parties have always been a staple for us. Some bad behavior is expected, given what we’re celebrating.

But murder has never been on the table before.

Someone in Hollow Bridge wants to bring the stories to life, and they’re not firing any warning shots. When rumors of someone wearing a Halloween mask surface, it isn’t long before the first person is killed.

No one is safe, but when I end up with a serial killer kneeling over me and a knife at my throat, I expect to be the next victim of the Hollow Bridge killer. I don’t expect for him to speak to me, from behind the garish mask he wears.

“Who should be the next to die, Bailey?”

Inexplicably, he lets me go. But I’m never going to be safe from him.

Because he wants more from me than just a name.

Don’t Be Scared is a full-length, MMF standalone for anyone looking for a spicy and dark Halloween read. It contains graphic violence, darker kinks, and murder. For a full list of triggers, please use the look inside feature.

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