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Something like Hate by Piper Rayne is releasing September 26, 2023!

 "Something Like Hate dares to be tempting, frustrating and funny. A battle of hearts that changes all the rules of romance." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

I love him.
I loathe him.

It’s like plucking daisy petals in my head, but he’ll never know.

When Miles Cavanaugh, the best safety in the league, was traded to the Chicago Grizzlies football team last year, I could finally breathe. Temptation was miles away.

How naïve to think it would end there because when the opportunity to write for a national magazine based in Chicago lands in my lap months later, I can’t turn it down. Sure, it’s a big city, but the sexual energy feels like a beacon between us the minute my plane lands.

To make matters worse, I end up having to take over the job of reporting exclusively on the Chicago Grizzlies. Which means traveling with the team, interviewing players, and pretty much having an all-access pass to their lives during the season.

Miles and I put up a great front, quickly hating on one another, but we both know it’s a lie. We also know the rules are simple. For me, don’t sleep with the subject of your articles. For him, don’t sleep with the journalist who can make or break your career.

I thought straight-laced Miles Cavanaugh followed all the rules… oh how wrong I was.

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Something like Hate (Chicago Grizzlies, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A battle of hearts that changes all the rules of romance. Something Like Hate dares to be tempting, frustrating and funny. Miles and Bryce turn a fierce competition into a spicy touchdown of the heart.

Book one in a brand new series by Piper Rayne. Something like Hate is an enemies-to-lovers, football, sports romance story.

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#Everette (Driverton #1; The Barrington Billionaires) by Ruth Cardello

"Shelby and Everette's journey is one heartache, healing and hope. Despite the mileage of life, the heart shines through. Everette gives the soul a nice spit shine and leaves behind a mesmerizing afterglow." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)

Release Date: September 28, 2023

Driverton’s sweetest man is on a mission to become a hero.

After graduating from “Bradford’s School for Sobriety and Success,” AKA months of military style, intense physical and mental training, Everette Morin is saving lives. Joining forces with both Bradford Wilson and Cooper Landon, Everette is locating, retrieving, and returning missing children.

Shelby Adams is reeling from the loss of her parents and a breakup with someone who’d promised to always be there. She’s hit rock bottom.

She’s not looking for a man—not even a big, strong one with an amazing smile and the ability to make her laugh.

It’ll take the whole Driverton crew to lift her up, turn her life around, and show her that sometimes even heroes need saving.

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Everette: Driverton 1 (The Barrington Billionaires Book 13)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What I love most about a Ruth Cardello character is that every soul has an endearing glow. Despite the mileage of life, the heart shines through. At the center of every novel is love, in all it's glory. Everette exudes that beautiful trait. Shelby and Everette's journey is one heartache, healing and hope. Book 1 in the Driverton series gives the soul a nice spit shine and leaves behind a mesmerizing afterglow.

Irresistibly Risky by J. Saman is releasing October 2, 2023!

Picture this: You just won the Super Bowl. You’re out on the town celebrating with your teammates and best friends. And the cherry on top? You meet the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen.

Best. Night. Ever.

That is until things get going and you discover you’re suffering from a first-ever case of…performance issues.

Before you can even get a fix on your problem, *Poof* she’s gone and that’s the end of that.

Game over.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, that woman I met two years ago isn’t just some random woman from a club.

She’s my team's new doctor.

As if that’s not already a penalty against me, she wants nothing to do with me now that she knows who I am.

But after our first go didn’t, well, go, I’m determined to prove myself and win a second chance with the woman I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

Especially when she hits me with the biggest surprise of my life.

I know this new game is risky. That it could cost me everything I’ve worked impossibly hard to build for myself. Yet something tells me going up against this irresistible woman is worth the risk.

And I’m ready to play my heart out.

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Irresistibly Risky (Irresistibly Yours, #4)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The addiction is real. Irresistibly Risky delivers sizzling heat and depth of heart with the perfect blend of irony. Littered with humor and dripping with spice, Saman scores 100 when it comes to heartbreaker eligibility. Ashton and Wynter put emotions on notice that a red alarm fire is headed their way.

 #ContemporaryRomance #AccidentalPregnancy #AlphaHero #Athlete #BandofBrothers #BoyFallsFirst #ForbiddenLove #ForcedProximity #MedicalDoctor #OppositesAttract #SingleMom #SportsRomance #RoommatestoLovers #SurpriseBaby #DoctorPatient #SecondChance #bookclub #bookish #booklover #booksta #bookstagram #bookworm #readersofig #readersofinstagram #valentineprlm @valentine_pr_

DIRTY DARE by USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly is coming October 10th!!!

This is a M/M Hockey Romance set in the Slayers Hockey world. 

It started as a dare

A laugh, a drunken challenge to me, captain of the guys’ hockey team, to kiss him, captain of the swim team.


It became the answer

It was a question I didn't even realize I'd been asking.


It became everything

He became everything. My beating heart. My every thought. What I held more precious than a future I’d been sacrificing for as long as I could remember.


And then it ended

We ended. Without another soul ever discovering we existed to begin with.


I was never supposed to come back

But four years and a Slayers Hockey contract later, here I am...

Wondering if I dare to risk it all again.


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“I didn’t want you to wonder”— I clear my throat —“if this was just a hookup. It’s not.”

“So no kissing at all then?” The way he says it, deep brown eyes dropping to my mouth, just a hint of disappointment in his tone, is killing me. “Not even one?”

The feel of his fingers against my neck is making me stupid. “I really want to take you out.”

He nods. “You will. But since I’ve been thinking about kissing you again since the minute you left the store, maybe we risk it. Set a timer or something.”

I’ve been thinking about kissing him again since I left too. And for the four years before that. 

Which is why, against my better judgment, I don’t resist when he pulls me in. Our mouths meet in a firm press that feels so right, I just lean into the contact, savoring the connection.

He pulls back the barest breath.

“Hey, Google,” he mutters. “Set a timer for sixty seconds.”





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