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Beau and Bailey are finally revealed! 


The most anticipated book in the Chestnut Spring Series, Hopeless by Elsie Silver, releases October 13th




"This scene is going to be highlighted the most, I just know it - It's so HOT!" 
        - early reader of Hopeless


“I definitely thought you’d be too chickenshit to come in here,” she taunts with a smirk. The water shifts beneath the bubbles. No doubt her hands are moving under the water.

“You don’t know me that well, Bailey,” I reply, shutting the door behind me.

Her eyes race over my body, eating up every inch of bare flesh.

“I know you’re scared of losing control around me.” Her chin tips up as though she’s told me something that will make me back down. Run me off.

It doesn’t.

“No, I’m scared of you becoming something I can’t live without.”

She sucks in a breath as I stalk confidently toward her.

“I’m scared of taking something I don’t deserve, something we both know will lead to a bigger mess than we’re already in.”

Hopeless releases October 13th!

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Narrated by: Angelina Rocca & Jason Clarke




Hopeless (Chestnut Springs) by Elsie Silver


Release Date: October 13, 2023



✨Age Gap

✨Fake Fiance

✨Virgin Heroine & Tortured Hero

✨He Falls First

✨Forced Proximity



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Tortured Military Hero ✔️ 
Heroine that really gets him and all his pieces ✔️

"This all started out as a show, but the things that are happening behind closed doors make it feel like a hell of a lot more.

There’s something fractured about Beau. About his spirit. Like he’s torn between so many versions of himself and doesn’t know which one to pick.

I wish he knew it's okay to be all of them with me.

He swaps from solemn and brooding to playful and flirtatious, to sensual and domineering, to introspective and sensitive. Frankly, it’s becoming difficult to keep up with which version he’s going to give me each day.

It’s becoming difficult to not want them all."


Hopeless releases October 13th!

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