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Big Boys Do it Better, #3

by L. Moone

Publication Date: November 15, 2021

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Husky Hero, Plus size hero





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He’s famous; she’s broke. What could possibly go wrong?

Lily: Today would have been a crappy day; the worst, if not for the ruggedly handsome stranger who comes to my rescue. I’ve just arrived at the White Hart pub newly homeless and weighed down by my own disappointments, when I first meet Sean. He’s older, in that sexy, mature sort of way you just can’t ignore or resist.

Weirdly, he doesn’t judge me for my predicament, he simply offers me a sympathetic ear and a helping hand. Apparently, I don’t owe him anything in return. That’s fine, but I want him anyway, and not just because of who he turns out to be. I know how this looks, though, and I don’t like it one bit.

Will I be able to convince him that I’m not just some gold digger who’s after his fame and fortune? Or will life have a stupid way of getting in my way, just when I’m about to get everything I’ve always dreamed of?

Sean: I’ve been at the pub every night this week, and all I’ve achieved is to deepen my writer’s block even further. That comedy special isn’t going to write itself, and I’m fresh out of inspiration. Until Lily comes along, whose smile is so infectious, I barely even remember what I’m trying to work on.

She’s young enough to be my daughter, and as such I can count at least a dozen reasons why she shouldn’t concern herself with me. But, the more I try to push her away, the closer she’s intent on getting. Until I can no longer resist and fall head-first into temptation.

All these years, the joke’s been on me, which is fine. It’s what I signed up for. But Lily didn’t. Will I be able to keep her out of the media spotlight long enough for us to have a chance? Or will things quickly go to hell like they always do?

All Your Baggage is a scorchingly hot as well as heart-wrenching body-positive romance, which features a husky, mature hero and a younger, not-at-all naive heroine who knows exactly what she wants, and it just happens to be him.


Realistic characters, pure emotions, true passion. Everything I write is about the characters: how they interact, what’s going on in their heads, how the passionate relationship develops and affects them. I don’t believe in keeping things hidden, or dressing them up just for show. Some of my characters are potty-mouths, most of them are less than perfect (yes, even physically). I aim to write a happy ending for all of them, without keeping anything behind closed doors.

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