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Prepare for an Explosive Ride with Grey by @AuthorFionaDavenport! 

A Steamy Romance That Will Leave You Craving More! 



Meet Benji "Grey" Madden - a man who prefers computers to people but will do anything for his club, the Silver Saints. Get ready for a captivating story of duty, desire, and a love that defies all expectations.


-Duty calls, even when it means kidnapping the charge's best friend. 

-One look at Lorelei Hansley, and everything changes. 

-A scorching romance that's destined to set your heart on fire.


Don't miss out on this electrifying romance! 

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Benji “Grey” Madden preferred his computers to most people, but he'd do anything for the Silver Saints. Including fly almost halfway across the country for the baby sitting duty his president assigned to him and his club brother.


Only he never expected to kidnap his charge's best friend and claim her as his own. But one look at Lorelei Hansley, and he knew he'd found the woman who was meant to be his.


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SECRETS IN LOVE (West Village Series Book 2) by Bindi Kennedy is LIVE!!

Don’t miss this friends to lovers romance!!! 









Why is the one thing you can’t have always the very thing you want the most?


For years, my life—my very existence—has orbited that of my family.

I have lived and breathed only for them.

Become indifferent to my dreams. Lost myself.


But one seemingly innocent and ridiculous conversation has opened the metaphorical floodgates. The walls I’d painstakingly erected around my heart have been washed away, revealing tightly held secrets and exposing the one thing that could bring me back to me…


My brother’s best friend.



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WRAPPED IN SILK by MJ Fields is now available in audio!!



Narrated by: Amy Hall & Dan Calley


Grab your copy now!



A highly emotional, steamy story about second chances at life and love.

Newly separated and on the verge of divorce, I'm not looking for love, just a happy life for my daughter and myself in Blue Valley.

While visiting my college roommate, Lila, in New York City during my daughter's court appointed visit with her father, I literally run into the most attractive man I've ever seen. As if his piercing blue eyes and incredible build aren't enough to give me pause, he also has a British accent.

Later that day I find myself in his presence again. He's Lila's newest client and one of the biggest rock stars in the world.

He thinks I'm playing a game of cat and mouse. A game he plans to win.

In need of a distraction, I may just let him.

Contains mature themes.


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When the gods come calling, you don’t get to say no.

A Ferry of Bones & Gold by Hailey Turner is on sale for just $2.99!

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He’s the guy every girl wants…
…she’s the girl he can never have.

Four Months Three Words by C.W. Farnsworth is on sale for $2.49!

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One Night with the Duke & A Gentleman Never Tells by Jodi Ellen Malpas will be available in paperback at Barnes & Noble! BN Rewards & Premium Members may use code PREORDER25 at checkout!

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One Night with the Duke - available November 7th

A Gentleman Never Tells - available February 13th

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A Gentleman Never Tells by Jodi Ellen Malpas is on sale for just 99p in UK stores!

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BROKEN AND BOUND (Lust & Love Book 2 by Mindy Paige releases on October 3rd!

We are so excited to share the cover with you!!! 



What to expect:

Possessive/Protective hero

Boss/Workplace Romance

Age gap

Bad Boy/Motorcycle Riding Hero

Rich vs. Poor


Extra: A doggo who plays a major role protecting the heroine 










Elizabeth George thought losing her job was the worst thing to happen this week. That was, until she crashed into the car of the brooding, hot, wealthy bar owner.

The last thing Elizabeth needed was more trouble. Luckily, Damien Brooks doesn’t intend to make her pay in conventional ways.

A job offer at his bar seems like the perfect solution to her problems, but having already slept with the boss might complicate things. Especially when it turns out Damien is the possessive type.

Elizabeth can’t afford to turn him down, but fighting the chemistry between them seems like it will be impossible… and Damien intends to make it as hard as he can.


COVER DESIGN: Pretty Indie 













DIRTY DARE by USA Today bestselling author Mira Lyn Kelly is coming October 10th!!! This is a M/M Hockey Romance set in the Slayers Hockey world.




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It started as a dare

A laugh, a drunken challenge to me, captain of the guys’ hockey team, to kiss him, captain of the swim team.


It became the answer

It was a question I didn't even realize I'd been asking.


It became everything

He became everything. My beating heart. My every thought. What I held more precious than a future I’d been sacrificing for as long as I could remember.


And then it ended

We ended. Without another soul ever discovering we existed to begin with.


I was never supposed to come back

But four years and a Slayers Hockey contract later, here I am...

Wondering if I dare to risk it all again.


Cover designed by Qamber Designs

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CHOSEN BOY by Hannah Gray is releasing October 19th!!

This is an enemies to lovers, fake relationship, hockey romance.



Preorder Your Copy Today!


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When my parents took me to a hockey camp as a kid, they never dreamed I would become obsessed with the sport. They sure as hell didn’t think it would take me off the path of becoming a doctor, like everyone else in the family. Unfortunately for them, the moment I stepped into that arena and onto that ice, there was no going back.

Fast-forward to my junior year at Brooks University, and I’ve got one shot to make it to the pros. It’s now or never. Because if I don’t? Hello, medical school. Good-bye, skates.

Thus far in my life, most things have been predictable, thanks to my type-A parents. What I don’t see coming is falling for Sutton Savage. But with her almost-black hair, big blue eyes, and an angelic face to go along with those mouthy lips, she’s hard not to notice.

Even though our families were close at one time, that’s all changed. Just like everyone else with her last name, she’s supposed to be my enemy. Except when we’re paired up to work together for a fundraiser, it becomes damn near impossible for me to hate her.

Before I know it, I’m striking up a deal with her for her to be my girlfriend.

My fake girlfriend.

Since we were kids, I’ve found Sutton to be an entitled brat, someone I couldn’t stand, but suddenly, I’m looking at her differently. When no one is around but her, I still want to kiss her … and I realize things are becoming a lot more complicated than I thought they would.

Romeo and Juliet were forbidden to be together, and look how well that turned out for them. The thing is, I’m beginning to see she’s worth drinking the poison for.

She might not be the one I’ve always wanted. But now, she’s the only one I see.


The Puck Boys of Brooks University:

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