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"New series. Sneak peak. Instant temptation. Piper and Rayne give readers a chance to get their feet wet and open their hearts to a whole new group of irresistible characters and unpredictable romance." - (Isha C., Blogger, Reader, Reviewer - Hopeless Romantic)





Miles Cavanaugh is moving into “The Den”—a notorious four-flat apartment complex in Chicago with two of his new teammates from the Chicago Grizzlies.

The Den is known for the number of women who come and go, but as the three bachelors start their new season, they get their first inkling that things are starting to change.

Enjoy a sneak peek into Piper Rayne’s upcoming Chicago Grizzlies football romance series.






We are excited to share these teasers from REMEMBERING PASSION by @aleatharomig, coming September 14th!




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Damien Sinclair is a force of nature, the beauty of a sunset over the ocean while capable of devastating hurricane-strength winds. At one time, he’d held my heart in his hands. That was until the day I walked away.

I didn’t leave him because I didn’t love him. It was that loving him was too much, an all-encompassing affair. In his presence, I failed to exist.

For two years, I worked to build a life free from Damien’s irresistible pull. I succeeded until one fate-filled afternoon I found myself seated by his side for a long flight. Unbelievably, we were headed to the same destination. His sinfully charming smile, charisma, and devilish smirk reminded me of all we’d shared.

  • Attraction.
  • Desire.
  • Passion.

Forgetting him had been agony.

Will I survive remembering?

Have you been Aleatha’d?



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We are thrilled to share with you these gorgeous new covers for the CALLAGHAN GREEN SERIES by Annie Dyer available now!  



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Jackson Callaghan sprung into my head after a long weekend in London, when we stayed near Borough Market. It was such a vibrant place, my imagination went into overdrive. We passed a solicitors' office with a motorbike parked nearby, and the Callaghan Green family was born.


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We are thrilled to share with you these gorgeous covers for the RESCUE MY HEART SERIES by Kait Nolan available now!  



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Someone Like You

  • Opposites attract
  • Grumpy soft for sunshine
  • Runaway writer
  • Snowed in
  • Only one bed!
  • Misfit Inn adjacent (and thus Ari cameos)


What I Like About You

  • Horse-whispering loner
  • Brilliant but struggling law student
  • Athena and Logan's wedding (from The Misfit Inn)
  • More Ari cameos
  • A cantankerous cat
  • Boss's little sister
  • Sharing one sleeping bag

Made For Loving You (+ Bad Case of Loving You, the prequel)

  • Second chance romance
  • Romance writer
  • High school sweethearts
  • Grumpy soft for Sunshine
  • Bodyguard romance
  • Forced proximity
  • The only one for him
  • More Ari cameos
  • The world's most adorable dog

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We are so excited to help share the brand new cover for Fate of A Royal by Amo Jones and Meagan Brandy. You can now grab the paperback with the new cover on Amazon.


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Cover Designed by Jay Aheer from @simplydefinedart

We can also tell you that Fate of A Faux, the follow up and conclusion to London and Knight’s story is coming soon and the cover reveal for that book will be on September 22nd.

If you haven’t read Fate of A Royal here’s your chance to start. It’s free with KU.


“You will go to Rathe University, live among the giftless and those of light magic. You, Knight Deveraux, will learn to coexist.”

I’ve never heard more wasted words in my life. Then again, the gifted counsel never did have much to say that wasn’t. The only members amongst them who speak a thing worth listening to are my parents, the King and Queen of the Stygian’s, the people of Dark Magic.

Unfortunately for me and my brothers, they’ve chosen to play nice instead of sinking their talons into anyone who dares demand a thing from their heirs. In this instance at least.

Every gifted is forced to leave our realm behind after graduation to spend the next four years in a world that isn’t ours, while pretending it’s enough for those with something deeper clawing beneath their skin.

It isn’t. Not by a long shot, and while it’s as boring as I thought it would be, we find ways to entertain ourselves.

A little Fae Dust, the power of persuasion, and it’s a party worthy of a royal … or four.

That was fun the first year, but it’s my second now, and the minute I got back to campus, I knew it would be worse than before. I felt it, that pull buried beneath my skin, the whisper of a warning deep in my mind I could hear but couldn’t reach.

It starts with a human party and ends with a nightmare.

A five foot, white haired one.

With eyes like ice and a body begging to be bitten, she’s a problem.

A giftless one.

That’s right, she’s human.


And if the shadow circling my soul is telling me what I think it is … she belongs to it.

My new obsession … is my fated mate.

But there is no way the fates would give me, a Lord of Rathe, a heir to the throne of dark magic, a giftless girl.

I’ll prove they got it wrong.

That she’s not mine.

If I’m lucky, I’ll destroy her in the process.


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