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Shades Of Dragon




 by his mother as a young boy and taken in by the elders of the Redwater

 clan, Tegan isn't your typical hero. In fact, if you ask him, he 

wouldn't call himself a hero at all.  Yet when he is asked to 

investigate the outcome of an attack on the nearby human villages, what 

he discovers invokes the rage of a thousand storms, and he finds himself

 on the run with a beautiful stranger.


Tegan may be half dragon,

 half human, but he's all heart.  If he doesn't stay focused on the 

mission at hand, he will find that the curvy woman he's determined to 

protect, could be on her way to stealing it.


On the run, they must fight their way to safety before time runs out. Tick, tock.


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Oct 6th: Between Two Wolves


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 by a recent breakup, Risha escapes to the peace and tranquility of 

Mount Folknore, one of the most challenging to climb, and at the top of 

her bucket list of things to do. What better time to climb a mountain, 

and say goodbye to the world below than after a rough breakup? 



 peace and tranquility isn't exactly what she finds when she meets up 

with not one, but two, wildly handsome strangers. She's heard the 

legends that talk of werewolves that live deep within the forest, but 

could those stories be true? If there’s one thing she’s certain of, it’s

 that Colt and Jericho are hiding a secret.  When a rainstorm destroys 

her camp, and she winds up fleeing to the shelter of a nearby cabin, she

 may uncover more than she bargained for. 


And every woman knows

 that there is no better place to be than in the arms of a sinfully 

possessive man... except perhaps, between two wolves.





About The Author







Catherine Vale has been writing fiction for as long as she

can remember, but it wasn’t until she wrote her very first paranormal romance

story that she found herself hooked on the raw, edgy love affair of shifters,

vampires and other dominant alpha males and the captivating women that love





Catherine writes both contemporary and paranormal romance

that always include powerful alpha males, smart and sassy heroines and a

happily-ever-after (even if she often puts her characters through hell to get







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