Saturday, February 17, 2018

From Exes to Expecting (Sutter Creek, Montana) by Laurel Greer


From Exes to Expecting (Sutter Creek, Montana) - Laurel Greer


Their marriage may have ended, but the love affair was from over. Love takes a holiday and comes back stronger than ever in author Laurel Greer's, From Exes to Expecting. Lauren and Tavish are in for a few surprises as they make their way back to love. We all want to believe in the power of true love. Happily ever after may seem like a fantasy just out of reach, but it's hopeful optimism of authors like Ms. Greer and her motley crew of misfits in love that give us the courage to seek out our own happy ending. Small town romances with their kooky matchmaking and lovable characters are favorites of mine.



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